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It is not easy to explore the depths of this title on the Arab world level due to the differences among Arab countries, the multiplicity of Arab universities' sources and trends and the differences among theses universities in oldness, deep roots , experience and standard from one Arab country to another. Therefore, there should be a common denominator  for these universities to define the reality of higher education and the difficulties it faces in order to improve it to the best.

The philosophy of higher education in general is based on a group of systems that control the educational process. These systems should be owned to build a future scientific strategy that calls for a creative Arab human being, armed with science and knowledge, respects dialogue, accepts criticism and enhances the capabilities that improve the reality towards a civilized matronly knowledge society which respects values and secures a decent life .

Arab Universities Problems

Arab Universities suffer from narrow academic freedom margin imposed by Arab official authorities that interfere in their affairs, set their curriculums and specialization programs, assign their administrations and put criteria for admitting and graduating students including authorities overseeing higher education and interfering in all its details, supervising its activities  and looking into its particularities. Moreover, universities suffer from the centralism of decision making and from the slow complex and bureaucratic work that leads to making mistakes as a result of the fear that kills creativity, initiative and the educational process as a whole. Although Arab authorities arrange meetings and conferences for Higher Education officials to handle errors in preparation for a new scientific beginning, they have not yet activated higher education to the desired level, however its development remains slow.


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