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Industry is not only one of the most important sectors, but peoples' development is based on developing all its aspects because industry achieves economic balance as it provides job opportunities, increases productivity and secures goods, services and economic growth.

 The industrial sector is one of the most important economy poles of any state. Moreover, industry and manufacturing are not only an objective by themselves, as far as they are a response to the needs of citizens and a contribution to supporting political independence by providing it with real economic independence.

What is the reality of Arab industry and industrial output? What is the per capita portion of industrial production? What is the contribution of Arab industry to the gross domestic production (GDP)? And what about the productivity of the  working hand in the industrial sector?

What are the challenges facing Arab industry at the national and Pan-Arab levels? What are the problems and obstacles that limit Arab industry progress? Is there a role for small and medium-size projects in Arab industry development? And What are its developing and supporting methods?

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