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Mohammad Fayad al-Fayad


In 1897, the Zionist Movement chose the six-pointed star (the hexagonal) as its logo. In the first Zionist Congress in Basle, Switzerland, Theodor Herzl , the founder of the Zionist Movement, suggested the hexagonal to be the logo of the Zionist Movement and the Jewish state in the future. This logo  was also used by the students' committee "Zion Brothers" in 1881, and in 1882 the supporters of " Love of Zion" (Belo) Movement chose it to be their Official seal. It is worth mentioning that Belo Movement organized the "First Immigration" of Jews to Palestine from 1882 to 1903.

On 28/10/1948 and six months after the proclamation of the Israel, the so-called "Provisional Council of State" decided the six-pointed star as  the logo on the Israeli flag, in spite of the strong opposition of the Jews leaders who wanted the Menorah as the logo of the so-called Jewish state.

To give the hexagronal the biblical nature, Zionists claim that "a  hexagonal star was engraved on Solomon's ring as a symbol of sovereignty over demons". They called this star in Hebrew  "Magen David" which meant " Shield of David", then " The star of David". All these were Invalidated and  even questioned by the Jews themselves as they were based on unreliable narrations.

The six-pointed star is an Islamic Ornament

Archaeologist Abdul Rahim Rihan, Nuweiba Monuments Director, confirms that archaeological discoveries in Sinai proved that the six-pointed star has nothing to do with Jews, but it is one of the Islamic monuments found on Islamic structures including: Soldier Citadel in Ras Sidr in Sinai, which is 230 kms far from Cairo and which was constructed by Salah Eldin al-Ayoubi (Saladin).This star was found on the entrance of the citadel and also on a porcelain plate with a metallic glitter that belongs to the Fatimid era (358-567 A.H., 969-1171 AD) which was discovered by South Sinai Archaeological mission for Islamic and  Coptic monuments in 1997.

Dr. Gamal Abdul-Rahim,  Islamic monuments assistant professor at Cairo University, says: " it is known that the six-pointed star is an Islamic ornament invented by Muslim artists just like  other decorations and geometric shapes for the purpose of achieving the well known theory in Islamic arts which is escaping ornament  vacancy  and the prohibition of living creatures ornaments. This made the Islamic artist innovates in other Floral and geometric decorations which appeared in religious and civil structures dating back to the Umayyad period, the second Hegira century, the seventh and eighth centuries and the Mamluk era.

Finally, It is wrong to name the six-pointed star " The Star of David" because attributing it to the Prophet David has no basis in  historical sources even the Jewish ones. Moreover, it can not be attributed to a prophet who established religion, justice and security, whereas the Zionist movement selected it in 1897 to be its logo and the logo of the "Jewish state" in the future according to Theodore Herzl, the founder of the movement.  Israel has also put it on its tanks , armored vehicles and warplanes  which have Launched wars, aggression, destruction, killings and all evils since 1948 and up to date.







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