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It is no longer unknown to all that the external intervention, in which some Arabs are involved, wants to enable the plans  of hegemony to dominate the Arab homeland and plunder its will in order to establish the “New Middle East”. After the fiasco that befell those who targeted the heart of Arabism, Syria, which stood as an invulnerable wall that faces the implementation of their plans they resorted to the  major conspiracy against Syria and its political line, national strategy and effective and influential role in the region. Undoubtedly, this conspiracy, trained and financed by terrorism, is doomed to fail, due to the Syrian Arab people orientation, steadfastness and adherence and national unity.

The Comrade Regional Secretary of the Party, President Bashar al-Assad, emphasized that defending the homeland is not limited to gun carrying, but by all means that augment its immunity, solidifying it and keeping it steadfast, confronting all attacks. He clarified that the Syrian Arab people hope of victory is the motive to confront the terrorists and the plan they designed against Syria. The Syrian Arab people depend on God and the friends who are firmly standing with Syria. He said: If the citizens had no hope of victory, Syria wouldn't have held on for four and a half years. This hope is the motive to face the terrorists and the plan that was designed and implemented on Syria and on other number of Arab countries.

In an interview, Comrade al-Assad gave to Almanar channel on 25.08.2015, he clarified that reaching a settlement to the crisis in Syria is dependent on a halt to the external interventions: “When all forms of external interventions are stopped, then, we can say the crisis is at its final stages, because facing terrorism would be easier”.

For the political track to be effective it should be between political forces that are deep rooted in the Syrian soil, independent, belong to the Arab people in Arabism Syria. The postulates of any initiative, as Comrade al-Assad asserted: “Syria’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, the people national decision and the existence of a base for the initiative that relies on, first of all, terrorism combat.

And in order to confront the attempts of hitting the identity under titles, such as regimes toppling, Comrade al-Assad called to differentiate between the unique Arabism and some Arabs who hide behind Arabism, while they are, at heart and mind, and in their feelings and interests, in another place, far away from this region. So, “Arabism is an indispensible identity. It is not a choice”.

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