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    National Party Organlzations 

Comrade Fuad Dabour,

 Gen.Sec of the Baath Arab Progressive Party – Jordan

As we all know, the media has become an important conveyor of events and news. It forms an important element in building the public opinion industry whether positively or negatively, according to the inclinations of the political decisions makers and at their interest service. They direct the media to convey their views and wishes.

The media has become a main partner in the events making and promoting. It controls its development through what is made available by those who use it to influence the public opinion through marketing their political, cultural social and even military objectives.

The hostile media role has been embodied densely and effectively in the events courses Syria is undergoing. This role misguides the public opinion, distort the facts and widely and brutally participated in the terrorist destructive crimes that targeted, and are still targeting, Syria's land, people and institutions. This hostile media and its supporters used all illegitimate means they thought might achieve their aggressive objectives without any deterrence.

Facing the unprecedented cosmic war on Syria, whether it is a media war or a military war, with all its other aspects, led by the US and the Zionist enemy and all those who support them, we emphasize that facing such enemies requires all the honest Arab people and the world liberals to support Syria in order to protect and defend the entire nation in order to prohibit all kinds of terrorist organizations from achieving their main aim : Toppling the state of Syria and getting it out of the resistance circle and confrontation with their projects.

We are confident that Syria and the Syrian people, army and leadership will triumph over those enemies, whatever the sacrifices might be, because history teaches us that victory is always for the peoples who struggle and defend their rights, land, freedom, dignity, independence and sovereignty. These are practiced capably by Syria since more than 4 years. Syria is righteous, and the right will win. We assert the victory while we see the achievements of the Syrian Arab Army and the national Lebanese and national Syrian Resistances on the ground , in spite of the misguiding media, hostile to Syria and its achievements.



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