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The call to fight terrorism increased recently after its danger had spread and became international, threatening all the world. Syria has repeatedly warned of it and emphasized the need to eliminate it.

Fighting terrorism, which is reveling in several parts of the world, needs concentrated international efforts that begin by helping those who fight terrorism, stopping all forms of intervention in the countries internal affairs and cancelling the economical sanctions and lifting the embargoes that are imposed on the countries that are fighting terrorism by words and deeds.

This was confirmed by the international Trade Unionist Meeting for Solidarity with Syria’s Workers and People Against Terrorism, Imperialist Interventions, Sanctions and Embargo in their statement they issued on 14.09.2015, calling for Arab and international cooperation and coordination in actually fighting terrorism, drying its sources and overcoming the factors and reasons of its emergence.

Syria called for forming a United Front that deals with terrorism. This has been emphasized by the Comrade Regional Secretary of the Party His Excellency President Bashar al-Assad when he called, in several meetings, for forming a united front to deal with terrorism. And now Russia calls for uniting the international community efforts TO fight terrorism, because without such efforts it will be impossible to solve the urging and ever growing problems, including the refugees problem today.

The call for forming a united front for fighting terrorism is dictated by the nature of the trans borders terrorism organizations and the danger of their moving to different countries in the world. This requires full coordination and cooperation in all political, security, military and economical fields at the international level.

On the Arab level, supporting and financing terrorism must be stopped and joint cooperation must be encouraged, instead of some Arab countries standing together with the US and other western countries that do not want to cooperate with the Syrian government in this common war. This might ruin the effectiveness of these efforts. And on the internal level, this requires all political forces to unite and stand shoulder to shoulder with the Syrian State and its leadership and brave army which is waging a fierce war on the takfiri and terrorist groups. They have to bear their patriotic and national responsibilities in facing terrorism, defending the constant principles of the Arab national security, fortifying the society through disseminating orientation and illuminative thought against the concepts of the takfiri exclusive forces that seek to crumble the society.

A united front for fighting terrorism must expand to include fighting the Zionist terrorism which always perpetrates the ugliest crimes against our Arab people in Palestine, in the Syrian Arab Golan and the occupied Arab territories.

The international efforts for fighting the terrorism epidemic must be united in order to spread security and peace in our Arab region and all over the world.  


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