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On 28 September 2015, the meetings of the UNGA 70th Session began with the participation of Presidents, heads of states, premiers and foreign minister of the member States. The UN lobbies saw an active political diplomacy move that revolved around terrorism combat. Syria was strongly presented there in all meetings, consultations and the speeches that were delivered.

The UN Gen Secretary Ban ki Moon called all major effective parties to exert more efforts for finding a solution to the crisis in Syria, while the president of the present session, Mogheen Yekitoft, called the international community to unite the efforts for fighting terrorism and extremism, as well as uniting the regional efforts for ending the Syrian people suffering and handling the refugees crisis fundamental reasons.

The President of F.Russia, Putin, made a road map for fighting terrorism by forming a real anti-international terrorism alliance, similar to the one that fought the Nazi evil, 70 years ago. He asserted that Russia will continue the fight against terrorism and is providing military assistance to Syria and Iraq and other countries that are fighting terrorism. He clarified that the terrorist danger is growing because of the west policy toward Syria. The non-coordination with Syria and the Syrian Arab Army, which is fighting terrorism, is a disastrous mistake.

The Iranian President Rohani stressed that a successful fight against terrorism is dependent on a strong Damascus government. While China President Bingh called to settle the differences and conflicts in the world by negotiations and mutual understanding, and establishing a global and regional partnership, based on new approach of relations among countries, built on dialogue and partnerships, not on confrontation. President Obama showed his country preparedness to work with all parties including Russia and Iran for solving the crisis in Syria, after the failure of the alliance he led to eliminate ISIS.

Today we see changes designing a phase of new aspects, Its headline, as Syria always did assert. "Terrorism Fighting", a terrorism that Syria was burned by its fire and stood firm, facing its criminal machine. Fighting terrorism is the base for solving the crisis in Syria. Terrorism can not be eliminated without Syria's effective participation in any regional or international alliance.




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