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Dr. Marwan Mahasni, Head of the Arabic Language Academy, in a dialogue with the party NL Site, emphasized that the Arabic language did make us one Nation. It is the hub on which all the Arab countries rely in their intercommunication. He drew the attention to the need to protect it. The mass media bear the major part of the responsibilities of failure to cling to our language and to protect it. He pointed at the need to pay attention to translation into Arabic, a role that is being carried out by the Arabic language Academy in Damascus, asserting that Syria is the sole Arab country that teaches all sciences in Arabic.

Dr. Mahasni considered the Arabic language as one of the most important components of the Arab Unity. He said that the Arabic language is exposed to many difficulties which we have to get rid of, because our language talks about our humanitarian civilization, as well as disseminating the national consciousness and national feeling among the citizens.

In conclusion, he emphasized that protecting the Arabic language is a collective responsibility. It should be promoted to the level which would allow it to convey the ideas and sciences to the Syrian learned and educated and specialists, so that we keep in contact with the humanitarian civilization and do our part in contributing to the building of tomorrow's civilization.

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