• National Party Organlzations

    National Party Organlzations 

Damascus- July 1975

The importance of this Congress emanates from the speech, delivered by the Gen Sec during the closing session, which the Congress decided to consider it a perfection and clarification of the Party theoretical springboards and ideology.

Some of its: Resolutions:

  1. Discussing the results of the October War of Liberation.
  2. Emphasizing the full liberation of all occupied Arab territories since 1967.
  3. Commitment to restore the national rights of the Palestinian people.
  4. Considering the battle with Israel a national (pan- Arab) battle.
  5. Enhancing Arab solidarity and coordinating to achieve the unity of the military and economic leadership.
  6. Developing the methods of unionist work.
  7. Keeping away from marginal battles.
  8. Working to achieve an Arab economic integration.
  9. Developing the educational and pedagogical curricula in order to achieve a cultural and intellectual unity.
  10. Supporting the Non- aligned Movement.
  11. Enhancing the cooperation with the socialist countries and Latin America.
  12. Developing   the relations with the European countries.
  13. Rewriting the Arab New History and the Party History.
  14. Paying attention to the Arab students, particularly those of the Arab Maghreb and the occupied land.
  15. Enhancing the Party relations with the Arab and international political forces.
  16. Electing a new NL composed of the Gen Sec from Syria, 7 members from Syria, 4 from Iraq, 3 from Palestine, 1 from Lebanon and 1 from Jordan.
  17. Electing candidate leadership members.
  18. Electing a Party court.


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