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After the Palestinian 1st “Stone Uprising” in 1987 which forced the Zionist entity and the world to recognize the Palestinian People and their legitimate rights and deal with them, the 2nd  “Alaqsa Uprising” came in 2000 to defend the Alaqsa Mosque after it was defiled by Ariel Sharon. This uprising resistance shook the ground under the feet of the Zionists who, after the failure of their invasion withdrew from Gaza Sector.

Now comes the people masses spontaneous move which is not organized by leaderships call, but it resulted from oppression, arrests and house demolition by the occupation authorities. This move continuation will produce a 3rd uprising whose out of control eruption is feared by international sides that support the Zionist entity and the authority.

This popular move, now at its 4th week, is the widest all over the historic area of Palestine geography. It is the strongest one in facing the criminal and killer Israeli soldiers and occupation settlers. This move is rising under one banner, the banner of Palestine, declaring the beginning of a new stage, constituted of the young people, expressing their conscience, will, determination and faith in the resistance and serious work, steadfast and firm on the ground, their flame does not go out, advancing  their nation toward a new dawn and a better future.

This move comes after the failure of negotiations, capitulation and concessions. It is an answer to the Zionist enemy brutal crimes against the Palestinian people children. It is a move to bring down the plan to neutralize and marginalize the Palestinian cause.

Three weeks have passed while the enemy identity is living a nightmare that made Netanyahu government lose its balance, embarrassed it and forced it to call up its reservist army to back up its police force in besieging the quarters of Jerusalem and other cities, increase police barriers and mobilize them along the apartheid wall and permit them to execute the Palestinians in the streets.

The Zionist entity betting on Palestinians division, collusion against the Palestinian cause by some Arab rulers, the disregarding of such cause by the international community and the attempts to exploit the existing Arab deteriorated situations will be useless, as being asserted by the rush to rebel against their tragic situations they are living.

 In spite of the harsh situations  and big sacrifices, the Arab Palestinian people will not submit until they get back all their legitimate rights. The requested thing today is the motivation of the wills, support the Arab Palestinian continued struggle, which will not stop, against the Zionist enemy and to stand in one front to defend them and defend the justice and legitimacy of their cause and claims and to be armed with the people determination and unity which is the brand of the popular Palestinian resistance move to conciliate and prevent Jerusalem Judaization until Palestine becomes an Arab independent and free country.   



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