• National Party Organlzations

    National Party Organlzations 

Damascus, August 1971, NL Building

It analyzed the Party crisis which resulted in the Corrective Movement and the election of a new leadership that restored the Party, under the leadership of the General Secretary the Immortal Leader Hafez al-Assad, to its road   of struggle and specified a phased strategy for the Arab struggle to fight the battle of liberation.

Some of its Resolutions:

  1. Blessing the Corrective Movement, led by the Gen Secretary, the Immortal Leader Hafez al-Assad.
  2. Condemning the hegemony mentality that was destroying the Party.
  3. Taking care of all the documents of the Party Congresses and studying the Party history.
  4. Strengthening the relations with the progressive parties and organizations in the Arab homeland and the world.
  5. Mobilizing the masses capabilities in an Arab national progressive front.
  6. Approving the achievement of a formula for a Syrian Front work.
  7. Preparing to fight the enemy.
  8. Supporting and enhancing the Federation of the Arab Republics.
  9. Increasing the attention given to the Maghreb Arab countries and enhancing their relations with the East.
  10. Defending the Arabism of the Gulf.
  11. Supporting the Eritrean people struggle.
  12. The stand visa-vise the Palestinian cause is the patriotism criterion for any regime or political movement.
  13. Electing the Immortal Leader Hafez al-Assad Gen Secretary of the Party.
  14. Electing new NL: the Gen Sec (from Syria), 5 members from Syria, 6 from Iraq, 3 from Palestine, 1 from Lebanon and 1 from Jordan.
  15. Electing several comrades as candidate members.
  16. Electing a party court.


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