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On the 16th  of November 1970, the Immortal Leader Hafez al-Assad led the blessed Corrective Movement to rectify the Revolution trajectory and to implement the Baath objectives according to the directives that were specified by the provisional Regional Leadership Statement which gave back to the Revolution its radiance after it interacted with the masses and they interacted with it after it corrected the concepts of the Revolution itself in order to begin an articular phase, inaugurated by the Correction, in the history of the Syrian Arab Republic and paved the way to go to the battles of liberation and the building of the future.

It is a new phase, entitled: New Syria through which the BASP proved its vitality and capability of renewal and development. A phase in which the struggle was combined with construction, might with wisdom, promised with realization. A phase that paved the way to build a society, new institutions, and an invulnerable ideological army that achieved several victories which asserted the solid determination to face the forces of conspiracy and abort their plans, as well as aborting the Zio-American project. Such steadfastness always was the real product of the Blessed Corrective Movement.

The Arab Nation enemies did not hide their hostility and fighting against the Arabism pulsing heart, Syria, due to her unique national stand toward the Palestinian cause, toward supporting the struggle of the Palestinian Arab People, as well as her principled stand toward her Arab brethren and standing side by side with them whenever the national and pan-Arab interest required this. The hostility was intensified and the conspiracies were multiplied because Syria asserts the quintessence, principles and values of the Corrective Movement which made Syria a significant power.

Syria knows well the size of the conspiracy, being knitted against her, and the plans which target her national and pan-Arab stands since the Corrective Movement until this day. Syria knows also the price to pay for her support to the Resistance and for facing, alone, except some few faithful friends, the enemies of the nation. She remains firm, adhering to her principles, taking no notice of all these conspiracies and plans which she always aborts, armed with the Baath and Correction values.

In this special edition of “Albaath Message”, we shed light on the Corrective Movement achievements and its national and Pan-Arab stands, sharing with our Arab Nation masses their celebrations of this great occasion, renewing our loyalty to the Leader of the development and modernization, the maker of our brave army victories over terrorism and the terrorists, the hope of the Nation for a future that is fit with the greatness of its past and Immortal Message, the Comrade Regional Secretary of the Party, His Excellency President Bashar al-Assad.

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