Dr. Mahmoud Alsayed, former Minister of Education and former Minister of Culture, Chairman of the Committee of Arab Language Consolidation, University Professor and recently Director of the Arabic Encyclopedia, in a dialogue with the Party NL site, talked about the need to attach importance to the Arab heritage, know the negative aspects of the reality, build the man in a balanced and developed way and pay attention to raising a well-knit generation that believes in his homeland causes.

 Dr. Al Sayed answered several questions that revolved on the real Arab situation, ways of developing it, the Arab identity, how to maintain it in such a way that guarantees the cohesion of our Nation, how to boiled and develop educational establishments, the challenges that face them and their role in building a responsible national generation.

He pointed at the need to work for consolidating the national values, in order to build the future. He warns of globalization danger which intercepts this work. He also pointed at the need to abide by the Arab identity and to avoid anything that might dismantle our Nation. He emphasized the need to engineer the man and educationally build him, so he becomes legible to serve his Nation and capable of going together with the age spirit and links the word with the deed in such a way that guarantees the building of future and the protection of our heritage.

In conclusion, he asserted the importance of the Arabic language and the need to maintain and protect it, and the role of the state establishments in this field, pointing at the need to correctly build the Arabic language and to cooperate as much as possible for realizing this aim.