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Comrade Dr Mu'taz  Al-Quraishi,  the division secretary of the Arab Students who study at Damascus University confirmed that the October Liberation War is a fruit from the fruits of the Corrective Movement which has achieved the continuous victories till this day , Syria  faces the worst plots and the fiercest cosmic wars , Al-Qurashi saw that Syria represents the conscience of the world and she is continuing in her struggle against the imperialist projects which aim to confiscate her Resolution and soverigenty.

  Comrade al- Qurashi, in an interview with the site of the National Leadership of the Baath Party on the internet said: Syria represents the Arab hope to get rid of colonialism and occupation, so the Arab Students have to work to remove the aggressive systems and stand strongly and insistence in facing the malicious plots which Syria exposed to.                                        

  With regard to the Palestinian cause comrade al-Qurashi confirmed the need to work to protect the Arab Palestinian People and save the holy sites and the international community has to work to combat this racist attack which our central cause exposed to.                                                                                                     

         Comrade al-Qurashi in his interview confirmed the role of the    Arab Students toward Arab homeland in general and toward Syria in particular , indicating that Arab students play  an important role in this stage being the forefront and educated and they have to face their responsibilities and work to raise the awareness of the Arab people toward what is being plotted against Syria and expose takfiri terrorism practices, stressing the importance of the role played by comrade Regional Secretary of the Baath party Bashar Al-Assad when his Excellency in front of the world opinion revealed the aggressive regimes And put an end to the unipolar system.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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