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The book contains three main titles about the origins and objectives of the Arab  National Movement, the external and internal reasons for its retreating and the elements of this movement advancement.                                          

The author believes that the signs of common awareness and starting up among Arabs appeared before Islam. This awareness was represented by forming a unified language instead of the multiple dialects. He pointed out that the Arabic Language was the first common ground for consolidating Arab Nationalism. Then came the geographic unity which forms one environment , then the same customs, traditions and perceptions, then the emergence of political awareness which was manifested in the attempts to create a political entity.                      

Comrade Alhirmasy defined the two factors of the first Arab National Movement in the second half of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century. Comrade Alhirmasi indicated that the first Arab National Movement which emerged in the second half of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century, was born in the clothes of cosmic humanitarian tendency whose essence was moving Arabs from the era of ancient culture and the traditions were connected with the tribe and clan to the era of new culture and work to absorb its concepts, values and aspirations. However, Arab Nationalism concept was not deep and comprehensive during that period, as it did not form one Arab National institution.                                                 

The author sheds light on the most important Arab National Movements which emerged in the first half of the twentieth century – The Baath Arab Socialist Party, Arab Nationalists Movement and Naserit Movement, pointing out that they were characterized by an ideological clear nature that was apparent in achieving their objectives in independence and unity.. They turned into a popular movement .. They believed in the revolutionary coup and bet on popular mobilization. The author also stressed that Arab Unity is the first strategic objective of the Arab National Movement.                      

The book provides an overview about “Arab National Movement” content, through a group of intellectuals who made unity and liberation their cause .. and agreed that the Arabs are one nation. The book also mentions three attempts to create “political unity framework”, the first attempt was after the usurping of Iskenderun District, the second attempt was an attempt to create a popular Arab League in 1947 and 1964 called for by the Baath party in some of its publications then Al-Istiklal party in Iraq and the third attempt was the attempt of “Arab Nationalists Movement” which went in parallel with the Baath Movement, whereas the Naserit called for the establishment of a comprehensive revolutionary united Arab movement and raised the subject of the unity.      

The author attributes the failure factors in accomplishing the Arab National project to internal and external reasons, calling to avoid falling in one of these traps: No Unity by refusing to confess the Arab National Movement achievements or decreasing its importance and falling in fanciful victories made by our inability to confront.                                                                  

The author believes that Arab nationalism awakening can be achieved only by science , knowledge, technology, work, liberation from dependency on our past, dealing with the west critically through entering its culture that is becoming more and more global due to critical dialogue and building the society through which the nation moves from thought and tendency heritage to realism and present, pointing out that “ the need to revive the Arab Nationalism Project lies in the necessity to get out of the division and splitting situation the Arab Nation is living, as well as the start point in reviving the Arab National Movement lies in the success of the cultural and intellectual elites in forming civilized renaissance project for this nation which will be a compass for the nation advancement towards  achieving its aspirations and ambitions.                          

Comrade NL member, believes that the struggle in our Arab land today is between the New-old Zionist imperial project which was found in the takfiri terrorism at this stage, and the Arab Nationalism Project which is represented by the Arab national forces, with the Arabism and Resistance forces at the forefront. He emphasized that the anticipated victory is a historic opportunity for the Arab National Movement in order to re-establish its mass legitimacy through great sacrifices made by the Arab resistor in this conflict.                                           

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