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The Syrian-Russian relations are achieving qualitative developments, specially their cooperation in fighting terrorism. The relations between the two countries are old. They have been built through several decades. The Russian stands toward Syria asserted the solidarity of these relations.

The Russian stands are characterized by credibility in dealing with the region causes and abidance by the International Law and by respect to legitimacy and International Conventions. History never recorded that Russia made an aggression or an occupation in the region. Russia's history is a history of an ally, not an occupier, like the American presence in Iraq and in the Gulf. And while the stands of the West and its approach and combat of terrorism through the so-called alleged Washington “Coalition”, seems unclear and mingled with much paradoxes and ambiguity, did not produce any significant results. As asserted by the Comrade Regional Secretary of the Party. His Excellency President Bashar Al-Assad, in his recent interview to Sunday Times, this “Washington-led coalition is illusive and suppositive, because it achieved nothing in the fight on terrorism on the ground in Syria”, and “Britain and France formed the spear head in the support to the terrorists in Syria since the beginning of the fight. In addition, they do not own the will to fight terrorism”. At the same time, the West, in general, refuses to cooperate with the Syrian Arab Army, or to form an international coalition. “The participation is legal only if it is done in cooperation with the legitimate government in Syria”. While at the time when Russia is coordinating with Syria the fight on terrorism and achieving concrete results on the ground, we find that “Washington coalition” is representing a one of Western hypocrisy aspects, using double criteria and pretending to have the intension to fight ISIS because it feels that the future of its countries is endangered.

Syria, due to her adherence to the unity of her soil, future and independent decision, shall go on fighting terrorism until the restoration of safety and security to all her territories. She will interact with the political dialogue and, at the same time, will not allow the West and the conspirators to achieve, in politics, things they couldn't achieve in the battle field. She will not allow the Saudi regime and its supporters in the Gulf countries to silence the word of truth or to screen the resistant Sat Channels, first of all, Maiadeen and Manar.

The Resistance media shall strongly remain firm, with its will and determination, doing its responsibility against the oppressive measures which are practiced by authorities that know nothing but oppressing the freedoms and silencing the others view, and supporting terrorism and takfiri dark thought and remove the role of the resisting Arab media.

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