• National Party Organlzations

    National Party Organlzations 

Reasons of convening it: the need to approve a new strategy to liberate the lands, occupied during the aggression of June 1967.

Most Important Resolutions and Recommendations:

  1. Discussing June aggression.
  2. Adopting armed struggle for liberation.
  3. Adopting political work for serving the armed struggle.
  4. Containing the masses and ensuring their effective participation in the battle.
  5. Supporting the people army.
  6. Widening the people organization bases.
  7. Making an advanced formula to push the unity slogan toward relations.
  8. Coordination with progressive countries in all fields.
  9. Enhancing the relations with the socialist countries, first of all the former Soviet Union.
  10. Rejecting the plan of the Yugoslavian President Tito for solving the crisis in the region after the aggression.

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