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Resolution 2253: Drying Terrorism Sources and Combating It

The International Security Council unanimously issued on 18.12.2015 Resolution No.2254 strongly committed, in its preamble, to the Syrian Arab Republic Sovereignty, independence, unity and regional safety. It expressed its sorrow for the negative impact of terrorism and violent extremist ideology which is supporting it, as well as the destabilizing effect the crisis leaves behind in and outside the region. Warned of a deteriorated situation if this case continues under the shadow of a political solution non-existence ... and there is no lasting solution  for the crisis in Syria but through an all inclusive political process, led by Syria … The political solution is a Syrian business, to be decided by the Syrian people , exercising their right of choosing , through free, honest elections. The Resolution called for wiping out the save haven which was made by terrorist groups, such as "ISIS" and "Alnusra Front" on parts of Syria, and all the individuals, groups, organizations and entities that are tied to al-Qaida organization and other terrorist groups. Undoubtedly, the two Resolution meaning responds to the Syrian logic which is always asserted by the Comrade Regional Secretary of the Party, President Bashar al-Assad, since the beginning of the aggression on Syria, represented by terrorism combat and dialogue in order to reach a political solution to the crisis in Syria. They both form an integral unit. The non-implementation of the first one will certainly lead to the failure of the second one.

The Resolution was passed, but the most important thing is the mechanism of implementing it on the ground of reality at a time when there is no agreement yet on Who Are the Terrorist Groups? Who is the Opposition to make dialogue with? Demistora was charged to decide this matter. And there is the question of the cease fire which does not include the terrorist organizations. This necessitates careful dealing with this matter. Because there are terrorist groups that should definitely be chased, wherever they are found on the Syrian land, and restrict external interventions and support to the armed groups and the so-called political opposition. A political settlement must go ahead without stopping the terrorism combat. Starting from the axiom which says "No Negotiation or Conclusion of Truce."

The Resolution showed a new international reality which confirms the defeat of the aggression  on Syria and the failure of toppling the state of Syria by different ways, military, economically, politically and informationally. The Resolution lays the foundation for legitimizing the political solution wheel takeoff. It achieved a diplomatic victory for the Arabism Syria, because it was internationally and unanimously passed. It recognized Syria's unity and the solution is in the hand of the Syrian people.

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