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Prepared by:

Dr. Hasan Hamid

Here I am halting crowded questions about the living historical significances the (Israeli)fears in the dear countries Palestine even though he owns nuclear weapons, apache, F16, patriot, racism, blood thirst, savagery and extremism.

I am halting the questions to see the Palestine people image in the historical mirror through its symbols which are full of life, depth, beauty and perfect joys.

I ask why the Israeli fears Tabaraya? And why does he dread the Jordan River and avoids it? Why does he shake with fear whenever he passes by the Road  of Pains? And why do horrible nightmares devour him whenever he thinks of building, castles, fields, water reservoirs, canals, pools and orange groves which the Palestinian hands made? And why does this happen to him whenever he sees the Palestinian kaffieh which symbolizes the night and day and utters with a loud voice, saying that life is whiteness, and extinction is nothing but lines and circles! Why does he fear the Palestinian olive tree? The answer is simple, clear and announced. The significance is that because he is an ALIEN. He is an alien according not only to history, to geography, to others , to circumstances and to incidents, but he is an alien according to himself. He is a being that lives a thief life. His hand still reminds him each moment that he is only a thief. His senses tell him with panic: You, in spite of all the things you possessed, are a thief, painted with the full guilt.

The Palestinian olive tree is feared by the (Israeli) because it is the roots of the Palestinian legends. Because it is a national record, complete with its mythological meanings and long, very long story. But its summary is that Sir Jesus the Christ, Peace on him, wanted to assign the Syrian language with its warms and flourishing meaning. So, he planted the olive tree which is almost one of the nature secrets and first banner of abundant love.

The myth says: Our august Lord Christ, peace on him wanted to plant one tree to enjoy its shadow and use it as a house, because he was then a fugitive, because of his thought, light, refinement and miracles. But the night, the home of secrets, multiplied the olive tree which in the forenoon was alone in a lonely field became, next forenoon, fields of get green, and there was a saying that the dew, clouds and shadows did not show the olive trees shadows, and the people thought, after they were enchanted by this present which the earth multiplied, the olive trees gave the clouds the feature of shadows, and the nights  drew the rivulets to the olive fields and the olive trees are the sister of the wheat fields. So, the earth got a honey color, gold yellow and twinship took place between the wheat and olives. And thus olive became the wheat father.

And when our august lord was forced to walk along the road of pains under the gross heavy load, with his bleeding wounds, his honorable body sweating, his face stained with blood, his shoulders and thin body full of timber scars, the olive trees surged and ran high. Their scream thundered all over the world. The earth, villages and houses shook. The beasts left their rivers, the sights deviated, the birds were shocked and the mountains shivered.

When the news rested and submitted, the olive trees seemed having originated trunks, drilled. Each trunk seemed  to have a thousand mouths and a thousand shivering lip … Weeping for things occurred. The people realized what the olive said and what it disclosed, because it is the matter of the earth and its green. It is its guard.

Now, and since more than a century, The (Israeli) woke up and realized that the olive is in twinship with his august Lord, the Christ, Peace on him . They together are one symbol to a one Palestine. They are one faith of one significance. Therefore, the (Israeli) with all his blood thirst, racism, oppression, and history and identity erasing, he cuts the olive trees, thinking that he is cutting the Palestinian root. But he knows, and the days taught him that the olive trees, even if it was burned, it rises again, with its splendid green. Because its spirit is a spirit of phoenix, the symbol of life , fertility and Palestinian eternity.          



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