• National Party Organlzations

    National Party Organlzations 

Reasons of convening it: End of party course. The congress came as a result of party elections.

Most Important Resolutions and Recommendations:

  1. Discussing the strategy of confrontation with the Zionist enemy, due to its continued aggressions after the emergence of differences in the view points between the Leader al Assad and the maneuvering dominating mentality.
  2. Developing and upgrading the experiment of the ideological army.
  3. Making an all-out plan for illiteracy eradication.
  4. Going on in implementing the armed struggle strategy.
  5. Continuing the process of the economic development and the state apparatuses advancement.
  6. Liberating the national economy from colonialist influence.
  7. Supporting the Arab economic cooperation through the Arab common market.

   8. Making people assembly and popular councils.

    9. Electing a new Regional Leadership: 16 members.








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