• National Party Organlzations

    National Party Organlzations 

Most Important Resolutions:

  1. Asserting the full withdrawal from all the Arab territories occupied since 1967 and not to waiver or alienates any part of them.
  2. The battle with the Zionist enemy is a national one. This necessitates giving it its real dimensions.
  3. Commitment to restore the national rights of the Arab Palestinian people, and their right to self-determination on their own land.
  4. Working to isolate the Zionist enemy politically and economically.
  5. Working strongly to abort the attempts that want to liquidate the Palestinian cause.
  6. All our politics are according to our national and pan-Arab interests.
  7. Developing the methods of work for Arab unity.
  8. Applying political flexibility in handling the relations with the Arab countries.
  9. Working for realizing full Arab economic integration.
  10. Strengthening the relations between Arab organizations and international ones.
  11. Benefiting from Islamic countries positive steps in consolidating the Arab rights.
  12. Consolidating the relations with African and Latin America countries.
  13. Supporting the Arab Palestinian right to establish their own independent state on the homeland soil.
  14. Supporting the public sector and benefit from investing in the private sector and encouraging the cooperative sector.
  15. Working for developing the searching and educational curricula in the Arab countries in order to realize the unity of culture and thought.



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