• National Party Organlzations

    National Party Organlzations 

It was convened after party elections in the SAR.

Most Important Resolutions:

  1. Relaying on planning as a base for the economy.
  2. Optimum use of available resources.
  3. Working to increase the production quantitatively and qualitatively
  4. Deepening and broadening the public sector role in leading the national economy.
  5. Activating the private sector.
  6. Establishing a joints sector: public and private together.
  7. Supporting the Arab economic integration toward completing the conditions for a common Arab market.
  8.  National resources prospecting and invest those whose utility is proved.
  9. Emphasizing the investment projects, on the bases of selecting the investment tendencies, sizes and components.
  10. Asserting the need to set a political plan to maintain the security of the country.
  11. Asserting the local manufacturing of all that can be manufactured.
  12. Benefiting from the applied scientific researches in the universities and research centers.
  13. Developing the planning bodies in the SAR.
  14.     Expanding the building of small dams for power generation     and drinking water.
  15. Supporting the scientific research.
  16. Developing the production technology and relying on advanced informatics.
  17. Consolidating our relations with the Arab expatriates and growing their feelings toward the SAR.
  18. Confronting all attempts that want to liquidate the Palestinian cause.
  19. Working for realizing the Palestinian national unity.


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