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Through their steadfastness and by frustrating the aggression against their country, the Syrian people were able to make everybody admits that Syria's future, including her leadership, is determined by the Syrian people and that the political solution to the crisis is through dialogue between the Syrians themselves without external interference , prior conditions or dictations, because Syria's sovereignty and her people's right of self-determination, away from all forms of foreign intervention, are two settled and indisputable matters, confirmed by Resolution 2254  and should not be skipped by any solution to the crisis in Syria. Moreover, countries of the world and the United Nations must not use dualism in fighting terrorism. It must be eliminated in Syria, Iraq and everywhere it spreads.

Due to her Pan-Arab and national responsibility and in order to maintain the interests of the Syrian people and the whole Arab Nation, Arabism Syria expressed her willingness to participate in the sincere efforts that push towards a political solution in which the Syrians alone determine their future and options through Syrian-Syrian dialogue under a Syrian leadership and without foreign intervention  in such a way that guarantees her sovereignty, independence, unity and the integrity of her territories.

The success of a political solution in Syria requires fighting terrorism and implementing International Legitimacy Resolutions, including Resolution 2253; coordination and cooperation with the Syrian government; international commitment ; a real political will of all parties, especially those who are obstructing the political process and providing support and assistance to extremist terrorist groups, and achieving more national  conciliations that guarantee the return of normal life to all parts of Syria.

Everyone should know that the independence of the Syrian resolution is not subject to any bargaining. Thus Syria has always been and thus the Syrians will always be. They manage their affairs without foreign intervention or anyone custody. They have proved through the years of defending their country that they are able to defeat terrorism and terrorists, defend their country and choose their leadership by themselves. This was stressed by Comrade Regional Secretary of the Baath Party, His Excellency President Bashar al-Assad in an interview with Channel 2 of the official Dutch T.V : "Only the Syrian people alone determine who stays or does not stay. We do not care about any words from abroad whatever party uttered them."


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