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    National Party Organlzations 

Dr. Saber Falhout
Member of the Central Committee of the party

During the climax of their calamities, deep-rooted nations resort to their great history, awaken its slumber, revive its memory and derive from it energy and ambitions that push to continue the course and go on despite the spears and embers. Like so, our Arab Nation has done after her bloody spring night has come to its last  quarter with the emergence of the new year dawn. Through her giant Pan-Arab leap in Sham Land from Damascus the Arabism capital, which was recalcitrant for the storms of invaders and tyrants and made destinies and all impossibilities soldiers in her army , the Arab Nation was able to extend the wings of her pride, mercy and tolerance along with the Spirit message to the borders of India and China in the east, and Spain and France in European West during the Umayyad period. After rich centuries of thought, culture and creativity, the first Pan-Arab state's banners relapsed; its sails weakened and it was predominated by the leaderships and rules of glorifying faults, submissiveness, stop seeking excellencies and self-fortification. Therefore, weak enemies became eagles  and the Arab Nation was swooped on by monsters' creeping from the west through the Crusades and the creeping of Mongols and Tatars from the east, so she was inflicted in her Achilles ’ heel, her lofty banners Relapsed and she transformed from a unified nation to separated nations, until the Ottoman occupation (the crushing catastrophe) came and stayed for heavy four centuries with bloody nights and plans that aimed at returning the Arab Land back to the Stone Age and every city became a state which had its own boundaries, army, Mufti and king, who derived his authority from the sky.

We affirm that those who believe in the greatness of this Nation are anticipating the end of the war by months but weeks after they have anticipated it by years with the emergence of the new year, which is overflowing with optimism and hopes derived from the arms of our ideological legendary army , the steadfastness of our people and the wisdom of our mighty leadership.

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