• National Party Organlzations

    National Party Organlzations 

Some of its Resolutions:

  1. Emphasizing the armed struggle as the sole means for liberating the land and the continuation of the political struggle for serving the armed one.
  2. Seeking to set an advanced formula to push the Unity slogan toward realization.
  3. Coordinating seriously with the progressive countries at all fields.
  4. Asserting the policy of non-alignment.
  5. Fostering the relations of friendship with China (PRC).
  6. Continuing the plan of diplomatic, economic and cultural relations with the USA, Britain and W-Germany.
  7. Creating an atmosphere suitable for the growth and development of all party organizations.
  8. Issuing a monthly magazine expressing the party ideology.
  9. Amending some of the Bylaw articles.
  10. Assessing, developing and solidifying the Palestinian commando work.
  11. Electing new National Leadership composed of 17 members: General Secretary (from Syria) and 5 members from Syria, 2 from Lebanon, 4 from Jordan and 4 from Iraq.








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