• National Party Organlzations

    National Party Organlzations 

This congress mission was the consolidation of the party structure after the 23rd of February Movement, 1966.

Some of its Resolutions:

  1. Endorsing the 23rd of Feb 1966 Movement and condemning the rightist mentality that was dominating the party.
  2. Emphasizing the care to protect the Party Bylaw, its National Congresses Resolutions and some of its Theoretical Springboards against any attack and falsification.
  3. Condemning the 8th of Sept conspiracy.
  4. Asserting the Arab Unity object.
  5. Emphasizing the concurrence of the Arab World progressive forces.
  6. Approving the central democracy obligation within the party.
  7. Considering the Palestinian Cause the hub of the internal, Arab and international politics.
  8. Asserting the earmarking of petrol for serving all the Arab people.
  9. Backing up the liberation struggle of the peoples in Asia, Africa and Latin America.
  10. Establishing effective cooperation among the Arab- African countries.
  11. Electing new NL composed of: General Secretary (from Syria), 6 members from Syria, 2 from Lebanon, 3 from Jordan and 1 from Yemen.



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