• National Party Organlzations

    National Party Organlzations 

The importance of this Congress convening is due to its confronting the party organizational problems after the eruption of the two Revolutions of February and March.1963.

Some of its Resolutions:

  1. Assessing the reasons of the party setback in Iraq.
  2. Approving the new economical inclination after Ramadhan Socialist Decrees which nationalized a number of companies and laid the foundation for the industrial public sector.
  3. Approving the founding of the banks and foreign trade sectors.
  4. Enhancing the relations with the world liberation movements.
  5. No multiple struggle fronts. Avoiding marginal battles.
  6. Abiding commitment to Palestine liberation.
  7. Emphasizing and clarifying the nonalignment policy.
  8. Widening the contacts with Arab and international trade organizations.
  9. Electing a new National Leadership composed of 13 members: General Secretary (from Jordan), 6 members from Syria, 2 from Iraq, 2 from Lebanon, 1 from Saudi Arabia and 1 from Tunis.

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