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The 22nd of February is the 58th Anniversary of the Syrian-Egyptian Unity, which was the first Arab unitary experiment in the modern Arab history amid special circumstances in which the Arab Nation is going through big challenges and threatening dangers, particularly the attack on Arab national security, external interference, foreign dictations, attempts to weaken the Arab world and divide its countries in order to obstruct the unification project through some Arab regimes which turned into tools for implementing conspiratorial schemes against other Arab countries. International and regional parties are involved in these schemes, in which internal tools supported multilaterally, are used to spread chaos and destabilize security and stability in the Arab countries, especially the United Arab Republic two wings, through operations that targeted its two armies, devastation, murder and destruction.

The Baath was the first Arab movement in the twentieth century that put the unity in the forefront of its struggle priorities. Therefore, it enhanced the struggle-awareness of the importance of unity and called the Arabs to move to embody the unity on the ground. Then it worked on accomplishing  the first unitary experience between Syria and Egypt in 1958, which was a living embodiment of our Great Party and a response to the hopes of the Arab Masses and their ambitions in building the new Arab State as a nucleus of a major comprehensive Arab unity  and a beacon to attract and liberate the struggling Masses in their different countries.

The bitterness and cruelty of the current Arab reality, the regional trend and the reactionary regimes contributions in shedding Arab blood in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Libya and other Arab countries require uncovering the correct view of the unity legitimacy, advantage and necessity. It is also important to find new unitary forms as a response to the division projects and deepen the Pan-Arab will because it guarantees the common interests, preserves the nation rights and liberates the occupied Arab territories.

Recalling the memory of the Syrian-Egyptian unity today is an opportunity to promote the unity idea, strengthen Arab unity culture among our Arab Land sons and clarify its importance and necessity  and that there is no alternative to unity as a capable project to confront the projects of the nation's enemies who are craving after its wealth and resources and seeking to destroy its cultural and civilized identity, particularly the colonial Zionist project forces.  

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