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The 22nd of February is the 58th Anniversary of the Syrian-Egyptian Unity which was an experience that formed the premier event in the Arab history during the second half of the twentieth century, because it returned the situation to normal, straightened the emergency Arab situation and affirmed that the existing Arab entities and statelets are a wrong situation and that the Unity is the correct action.

This anniversary comes amid major challenges and developments which contain more than enough serious risks, especially the danger of the takfiri terrorism which targets the Arab Nation's values, present and future and aims at exhausting the forces that defend the unity and independence of their countries, particularly the two Arab armies in Syria and Egypt, the two wings of the Unity State, through implementing a hostile scheme led by the international Imperialism and Zionism in cooperation with regional powers and Arab reactionary regimes that serve their interests in order to redraw the map of the Arab region so as to ensure the interests of the West and the domination of Israel.

Dear Comrades,

The Unity establishment was an important victory of the Baath at that period, as through cooperation with the leader Gamal Abdul Nasser, the Baath was able to translate his objectives on the ground, which was a qualitative shift in the Pan-Arab struggle in facing the crimes of (Sykes - Picot), Balfour Declaration and San Remo. Therefore, the conspiring against the Unity began since its first day and the Black Separatism in 28th September 1961, was the peak of this conspiracy.

Dear Comrades,

Recalling the memory of the Unity today motivates us to work to deepen the Pan-Arabism idea through a Pan-Arab renaissance unitary project that derives its thought from the concept of our great Party, Baath Arab Socialist Party, for a better Arab future and for Palestine to stay in Syria's heart and remain the priority of the struggle to liberate it, as the Baath has always wanted since its foundation. Because who was with Palestine would inevitably be with Syria, who considers Palestine the compass of her struggle.

Recalling the memory of the Unity this year is an opportunity to renew the call to defeat terrorism; rescue the Arab land from the terrorist groups alliance with Washington and its subordinates and tails, which are seeking to implement the separation scheme and impose chaos and local fighting upon the Arab Land; unify efforts; lend a helping hand to everyone who fights terrorism; stop all forms of interference in the internal affairs of countries and abolish all economic sanctions and blockade against the countries that fight terrorism in words and deeds.

What is required on the domestic level is unifying all political forces side by side by the Syrian State, her leadership and brave army who is fighting a fierce war against the Takfiri and terrorist groups. These political forces should bear their national  and Pan-Arab responsibilities in facing terrorism and defending the Pan-Arab security invariables. What is also required is seeking further national reconciliation, which has proved its usefulness in many areas and fortifying the community through spreading awareness and enlightening thought against the concepts of the exclusionary takfiri forces which are seeking to divide the society.

 In the Unity memory we emphasize what Comrade Regional Secretary of the Party, His Excellency President Bashar al-Assad said: " There is no future to this Nation without unity, solidarity and coordination" , because they enhance the Arab solidarity and adherence to the Pan-Arab national project led by Arabism Syria who is achieving significant victories thanks to her resistance and steadfastness and her adherence to her invariables and principles which are going to draw the future of this region.

Dear Comrades,
The Syrian-Egyptian Unity will remain in the memory of the nation as a title to one of the greatest stages of the Arab struggle for liberation and Syria who is inhabited with unitary struggle people, leadership and ideological army will remain adherent to the option of Arab unity, keep on the confrontation march against the tools of the conspiracy- the Wahhabi takfiri gangs, build a new Syria by the will of her people and strengthen her national  and Pan-Arab invariables until the victory of the Nation in her Arab unity and reviving her immortal message.


Greeting of Glory and Honor to the fighters of both Syrian and Egyptian Arab armies and the free strugglers of our Nation
Glory and Eternity to the martyrs of the Baath and Arab Nation.


Eternity to our Message


Damascus 22/2/2016


                                                             National Leadership

                                                    Baath Arab Socialist Party


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