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On the 15th of May 1948, the Zionist entity was planted in a part of the Arab Palestine land. The declaration of planting it was preceded by organized terrorism campaigns since 1897 when the "World Zionist Congress" began its campaign in Basel for setting the Jews in Palestine .Britain and France agreed together to divide the Ottoman State Lands between themselves. Palestine fell under British control according to Sikes Picot Agreement in 1916. Britain foreign minister Arthur Belfour then confirmed , on 2 November 1917, to the Zionist Rochild that his country supports the Zionist ambitions in Palestine under the patronage and protection of G. Britain government .

 On 24 July 1922, the League of Nations decided to put Palestine under the British mandate, the flow of Jews from Europe to Palestine began .

In 1945 the World Zionist Organization demanded the termination of the British mandate by establishing a Jewish State , but the Anglo – American Investigation Committee visited Palestine in November 1945 and proposed the remaining of the mandate in its report ,dated 1 May 1946.Facing this exploding situation, Britain wanted to evade making a difficult decision. It referred the problem to the UNs in May 1947 which, in the same year, adopted a decision which provides for dividing Palestine into two States, one Arab, the other Jewish, and shall have an economic unity . The area of the Jewish state is 56 % from Palestine area , and 43 % from Palestine shall have an Arab State. Jerusalem and the parts around it 1% shall be an International Zone  under the UNs . The division decision is similar to the Jewish agency demands in London Conference 1946.

 This decision is a stab into the Arab Homeland heart . It is a clear western determination to impose its will and authority on the Arab people .The Arabs refused the decision because it conflicts with the UNs principles which advocate the rights of the peoples to self determination.

In May 1948, Britain declared its withdrawal from Palestine after it handed over to the Zionist forces big parts of the higher Gelili to be the nucleus of the expected Zionist State . The Zionist gangs quickly declared the establishment of the Zionist entity and the US of America quickly recognized it .

Here began the Arab Palestinian people tragedy , not only to defend Palestine , but the disaster of emigrating more than one million Palestinians to the Arab neighboring countries ( Jordan , Syria and Lebanon ).


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