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The Palestinian refugees issue emerged from the Belfour colonialist declaration, the British mandate system and the deportation plans which were approved by the 22nd Zionist Congress in Zurich, the deportation committees which were formed by the Jewish Agency, the use of Semitism and Nazi holocaust two performances, the illegal Partition Resolution, the aggressive Israeli war in 1948 and the collective massacres it committed.    

The Zionist entity was built on mountains of Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims skulls in order to realize a false category:" Palestine is a land without people to a people without a land ". It is the alleged promised land , with full support and backing by  western countries , first of all , Britain , America, the colonialist France and their stooges, Arab Kings and princes who sold Palestine in order to establish their kingdoms and emirates and consolidating their thrones , at the expense of the inalienable rights of the Arab Palestinian people and Jerusalem Arabism.

The G.A. of UNs appointed the Sweden prince Bernadotte as an international mediator, according to a suggestion by the Security Council, as per Resolution no.186 of 14 may 1948, for setting an international solution to the Palestinian cause.

In his report to the UNs, Bernadotte asserted that the genocides, such as Deir Yasin, played a basic role in displacing and deporting the Palestinians to Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. He insisted on confirming the refugees' right to return to their homes, as soon as possible. In September 1948, he introduced his plan for solving the Palestinian cause and the return of the refugees to their homes. On 17 of September, he went to the western part of Jerusalem which the Zionist entity occupied after the High Commissioner left it on 14.5.1948.

Here, the terrorist gang Shtern, led by the terrorist Issaq Shamir , assassinated him .

A wave of strong condemnation and rage dominated the S C and the Gen. Assembly for his assassination and agreed on his suggestion in which the UNs held the Zionist entity responsible historically of the refugees problem emergence and demanded their return and agreed on Resolution no. 194 ,known as the Right of Return and Compensation Resolution .

The first wave of Palestinian refugees was caused by the Zionist entity occupation of large areas of the Palestinians state in the 1948 war and the violation of the partition resolution. The second migration wave was caused by the June 1967 aggressive war, ignited by the Zionist entity .The ISC issued resolution no.237, calling the Zionist entity to facilitate the refugees return to their homes.

The Arabs Palestinian people adhere to the refugee's right to return to their homes, restore their land and properties and compensations for the damages and losses they suffered since 1948 until now.

They assert their strong rejection of and condemnation to the state Judaism which means the erasing of the refugees right of return to their homes.


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