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    National Party Organlzations 


A Tunisian democratic socialist party of an Arab unionist line. It believes in the values of freedom, equality and solidarity and it works to embody them within a framework of an integrated and balanced project which guarantees civil and political freedoms and social justice.                                                                     

The roots of the PUP go back to the early seventies of the 20th century, when the popular Unity Movement emerged in 1973 which was founded by Mr. Ahmad bin Saleh. In 1977, a group, led by Engineer Mohamad Belhaj, split and founded a new party, named the Popular Unity Party.                                               

The PUP was licensed on 19 November 1983. It is led by Mr. Husein al- Huami since March 2011.

The PUP Ideology and Objectives:

The party maintains, through its pronounced speech, a socialist tendency, and Arabic initiation and abidance by the state role in guiding the economic life. Some of its objectives that were declared in November 1992: achieving self- sufficiency for our peoples and gradual cutting down the unjustified economic dependency.                                                                          

  The PUP- BASP Relations:

The PUP- BASP relations began in 1986 through reciprocated visits, letters and attending the PUP congresses. These relations were crowned by signing a cooperation agreement between the two parties, on 23.10.1997 when comrade Abdullah al- Ahmar, the Gen. Secretary of the BASP received a delegation from the PUP.

Since signing this agreement, the relations between the two parties remarkably developed. Delegation from the BASP attended the PUP congresses. The VI National Congress in Benzert in 2002.

Under the slogan Genin" and the VII congress under the slogan

"Political Struggle is our Road and Progress is every body's Right" in 2005.

Within the framework of the friendship and cooperation relations between the PUP and the BASP. Mr. Mohammad Bu Sheiha visited the National Leadership of the BASP on 16.06.2009 and made talks with the comrade Assistant Gen. Secretary of the BASP about the two party's cooperation relations and different issues of common concern.                                                                    



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