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The Earth Day ... The Symbol of the Palestinian Steadfastness

The first spark of the earth Day was ignited in March 1976 after the authorities of the Zionist occupation had seized thousands of acres of Palestinian lands. Then a general strike and marches prevailed from Galilee to Naqab and were followed by clashes that resulted in the martyrdom of six Palestinians and the injury and capture of hundreds. Since that time, the Arabs and the Palestinians celebrate the Palestinian Earth Day.

The Earth Day, which Anniversary coincides with the thirtieth of March, was not a mere ordinary passing day in the memory of the Arab people, as on this day the spirit of resistance and defiance against the policies of confiscation, uprooting and oppression practiced by the Zionist entity against the Palestinians was embodied. For the first time since the Palestinian exodus - also known as the Nakba , the Palestinian rose up against the Israeli occupation practices, declaring their adherence to the land of their parents and grandparents and to their national and Pan-Arab identity, as well as, their right to defend their existence and restore their usurped lands.

Recalling the Earth Day memory is an immortalization of  the martyrs who have fallen in defense of their land and of the Palestinian people heroisms in confronting the schemes of Judaizing  and confiscating the land. It is an occasion in which the Baath Arab Socialist Party confirms that the Palestinian national personality is a part of the Pan-Arab personality of the Arab Nation and that the Palestinian people struggle is an important and essential part of the Pan-Arab struggle of the Arab Nation which aims to secure the national rights of the Palestinian people and restore them, reaffirms continuing to support this struggle and put all the capabilities in its service until the achievement of the objectives of liberating the land and restoring all the usurped rights with the right of return first and foremost.

The thirtieth of March each year will remain a day of   protest and rejection against the settlement policy and the seizing and judaizing the lands and a day of confirmation of the adherence of our people to their national and Pan-Arab identity, their right to defense their existence and the return of the displaced people to their country, Palestine. The Palestinian cause will remain the central cause of the Baath as Palestine is the central cause of the Arab Nation and our Baath Arab Socialist Party will remain Palestine's Party, faithful to her as faithful to its principles and doctrine and it is convinced that the land will return to its owners sooner or later and that the occupation will inevitably come to an end.

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