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The thirtieth of March is the 40th Anniversary of the Earth Day, the day when our people in the occupied Palestine in 1976 erupted the overwhelming national and Pan-Arab uprising against the seizure by the Zionist occupation of thousands of acres of Palestinian lands in Galilee to build colonies in an attempt to perpetuate the occupation.

This Anniversary comes amid bitter Arab reality enfeebled by  wars and takfiri terrorism because the official Arab position towards Palestine has recanted into conspiracy, as well as, the absence of the Palestinian cause from any Arab meetings, despite all the ongoing heroisms and sacrifices in the occupied land.

Moreover, this Anniversary coincides with the overwhelming victory achieved by the brave Syrian Arab Army in Palmyra, liberating it from the terrorist ISIS organization which was ignominiously defeated together with their supporting masters of reactionary rulers who collaborate with Imperialism and Zionism.

Dear Arab people in occupied Palestine and everywhere,

If the Zionist enemy – with complicity with the United States and some Arab regimes – continued seizing more of your land to Judaize it, what are you waiting for?

What are you waiting from Arab rulers, linked with Imperialism in a stage in which the so-called Arab League and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) have proved that they are working against the Resistance and Palestine and that their decisions are in the interest of the Zionist project when they categorized the Lebanese National Resistance, who defeated the Zionist occupation and liberated Lebanon and stood by the Palestinian Resistance, as a "terrorist organization".

Undoubtedly, you are aware that the only way to confront the usurper Zionist entity and restore the rights is the steadfastness of the Resistance and its forces which Syria forms their fundamental basis. Because the continuation of the Resistance approach is capable of restraining “Israel” from continuing its aggressiveness, terrorism and hostile scheme towards the peace and security of the region.

Therefore, make the Resistance your strategic option in confronting the Zionist occupation of your Arab lands, either you were in Lebanon, in Palestine or in Syria; invest the Palestinian popular movement of seven months that confounded the enemy entity and terrified its rows; withstand against the racial Zionist occupation, because your steadfastness is a victory to your firm will and go ahead in underlining heroic epics in facing the Zionist war machine, as you believe in the justice of your cause.

Dear comrades,

Arabism Syria, who together with her people, army, leadership and all political forces, is confronting the conspiracy since five years and is facing all the attempts to expropriate her national decision towards the Palestinian cause, asserts that she stands alongside the Palestinian Arab people in their resisting and struggle against the Zionist occupation until liberating their land and country and determining their future by themselves.

In this occasion, our Baath Arab Socialist Party confirms that the Earth Day should be a symbol of the Palestinian people unity  and cohesion wherever they are and calls for unifying in order to face the dangers that threaten our people and the Palestinian cause; bearing responsibilities towards the aggressive policy of the Zionist entity; not losing the conflict compass and aiming the gun at the Zionist enemy which violates freedoms and Islamic and Christian Holy places, supports the takfiri armed groups and strives to judaize Jerusalem and all of Palestine. Our Baath Party also stressed that it will stay faithful to the Palestinian cause and adherent to the Resistance option in confronting the occupation and its settlement schemes. The Baath Party also calls the Proud Arab people everywhere to confront the attempts which are seeking to impose a settlement which satisfies the Zionist enemy entity under any name and to adhere to the right of return and establishing an independent Palestinian national state on the land of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital.

Dear Comrades,

The Earth Day Anniversary is an occasion in which we confirm that the resolutions of Arab Ministers Of Interior and the GCC on classifying the Lebanese National Resistance as a terrorist organization are illegal resolutions that uncover the involvement of the Arab reactionary regimes in the alliance with the Zionist occupation and in supporting the takfiri terrorism in all different Arab countries: Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen, as well as, these resolutions threaten Lebanon with a sectarian war it came out of it  a long time ago. The Earth Day Anniversary is an opportunity to face the campaign which aims at spreading  the Zionist occupation acceptance culture ; to expose the Zionist occupation violations of  the International Law by constructing illegal colonies on the occupied Palestinian territories and to work to return Palestine back to the top of our priorities and redirect the compass to the Arab-Zionist conflict. What is required is taking an action in order to support the Axis of Resistance against the Zionist enemy and its settlement colonial project.

The Earth Day Anniversary is an occasion in which we confirm that Syria will remain steadfast with her people, army and leadership against all forms of aggression and she will achieve victory whatever the sacrifices are and that her triumph is a triumph for Palestine and its people and all Arabs.

This day will remain an incentive for all strugglers to continue the march until liberating the occupied land and restoring all rights. Resisting the occupation will remain the most effective weapon to express the national will and struggle for freedom, dignity and restoring the usurped land.

Long live the Palestinian people's struggle for liberating the land and human !

Glory and eternity to the martyrs of Palestine, the Syrian Arab Army, the Resistance and the Arab nation.

Eternity to our Message

Damascus 30/3/2016                                   


Baath Arab Socialist Party


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