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Our Party and Arab masses celebrate the 69th Anniversary of the BASP Foundation. The party, which came from the Arab ranks of the Arab masses, who for long times suffered from the control of the colonialist forces   and the feudalism and bourgeoisie who were attached to foreign powers, and spread corruption through applying the policy of "Divide and Role" and transformed the society into a backward one, dominated by clannish , tribalism and sectarianism, in which the ruling minority spread   plunder   and exploitation. The BASP was not established by a decision. It was the outcome of accumulated struggle by the oppressed and tortured children of the Nation. It started from the wide popular base of the workers, peasants, revolutionary, intellectuals, small merchants and professionals whose interests in a free dignified life in their great Arab homeland were expressed by the Baath principles.

The foundation was a shift to a new historical phase that gives the party the suitable organizational and ideological tools and means, so that it (the party) becomes the faithful advocate of their ambitions and aspirations of Unity, Freedom and Socialism. In its principles, it embodied the nature of humanity and the unity of struggle and cooperation with all nations in such a way that guarantees their straight march toward their wellbeing and it is still going on with achieving its objectives which restore to the nation dignity and to the Arab citizen his freedom and building the future which realizes justice, equality and equal opportunities to all the citizens. The Baathists marched toward unifying their struggle, ideology, organizationally and practically, lifting up high the spirit of the collective work and leadership, under the light of the high national interest, getting rid of the  society diseases, and remnants of the backwardness and colonialism as well as individual interest and egocentricity, and familial, clannish and sectarian interests. They (Baathists) embodied in their ideology and attitude the ideal nature of the Arab man, who is prepared to restore his nation role in contributing to the march of the human civilization and the Arab life development. They merged with the great national historic movement of the Arab Nation masses.  The struggle united them in their love of the nation and their devotion to the work to upgrade it. Therefore, their practices were subjected to the situations of each phase. They may be right and might be wrong. But the institutional work  which the party built realized the balance which helped the practice to achieve its goals. The party also had some pauses for rectifying its trajectory and holding responsible those who delay or neglect. It renews itself under the light of the life development, it doesn’t like immobility. It develops itself continuously in order to be the successful ideal for developing the society.

The Baath since its beginnings was a renaissance movement that prepared the circumstances for building the National Project. Its ideology remains inspiring the coming generations, as the ancestor was, and made many acheivements.  

But it is still short of what we aspire to do. Because its struggle is affected by objective circumstances around the homeland, as well as subjective ones related to the nature and conscious of those who are struggling. Therefore, priority was given to the liberation of the homeland from colonialism, and after independence, its priority was given to the fight against exploitation and the ruling forces whose interests were linked with the foreigner. After the creation of the Zionist racist entity in Palestine, its priority was given to the conflict against Zionism, on the nation level. It still has in its priorities the struggle against American- Zionist projects which want to weaken the Arab homeland, lacerating it and looting its riches through aggressive conspiracies, and wars, the last of which is the aggression against Syria.

Thus, the Baath foundation takes such historical importance. When the Arab fighters abandon the backward society diseases, their personal and sectarian partiality, for the interest of Major Arab causes, our Arab Nation can achieve miracles and surprise the world by restoring its historical brilliance and civilized status which it deserves.


The 69th Anniversary of the BASP foundation comes this year while the Syrian Army and its allies achieved success by restoring the archeological city Palmyra to the homeland lab. The icon the UNESCO classifies in the  list of the world humanitarian civilization heritage giving blood and sacrifices for restoring security and stability to it, and for protecting the humanitarian heritage in it and for defeating ISIS, the enemy of civilization and humanity, solidly hitting it as well as those who back it, countries and governments who support terrorism, and the mass media which is a partner in instigation and covering its horrible crimes.The Anniversary also comes at a time while the terrorist groups, supported by Ardogan in Turkey and bythe ruling family in S. Arabia, are continuing their war on Syria, flagrantly violating Syria's security, safety and stability, in a conspiracy that targets Syria's people entity and role .It also targets the Baath as an Arab National Movement which proved its will that is capable of a continuous struggle and worthily go ahead toward achieving the Arab self and its just civilized national aspirations of building the unified Arab Society .             


Our party maintained the national unity until it became a firm truth and one of the basic pillars of the steadfastness of Arabism Syria that did not and will not see sectarian, ethnic or regional feud despite the continuous persistence of colonialism since the 1st Zionist congress , kampl paper, Saix-picot ,Belfour Declaration ,Versai Conferences , San Rimo , etc , in attempts for preparing factors and circumstances which help to ignite the sedition among her children and among the Arab people in the great Arab homeland .

New colonialism, led by the USA and Zionist entity and their stooges seek to ignite sectarian seditions in Syria and in other Arab countries after destroying them and possessing their material, humanitarian and civilized capabilities, but how impossible, how impossible. Syria shall remain united as her children want. Syria, as confirmed by the Comrade Gen. Sec. of the Party, His Excellency President Bashar al –Assad, is not prepared for federalism. There are no natural elements for federalism in Syria, and here is the Syrian people proving always their super capabilities for facing the forces of aggression and dark takfiri ideology. And just as the Baath succeeded in the past in fighting and aborting the colonialist alliances and projects, it is today remaining on the great struggle pledge, more capable of over passing the difficulties and facing the challenges in order to maintain the civilized humanitarian role of the nation and will abort the foreign projects and their stooges which target Syria and want to liquidate the Arab struggle causes, first of all the Palestinian cause.


This Anniversary is an occasion to review the rich march of struggle, objectively, deeply, faithfully and with a high national spirit, in order to pause at the failure points and their negativities, encircle them and overpass them, solidify the positive things with firmness and conscious which enable us to face the challenges and specify future  concepts , possess the keys of responding to all those  who doubt its objectives and principles, as well as their purposeful campaigns that want to defame its ideology, in particular, and  the Arab national thought, in general, and to move  from the theorization stage to the stage of formalizing the comprehensive civilized national project and the launching of the ideological capabilities, through promotion and elevation of the struggle and achievements on different levels.

The Baath, with its objectives of " Unity, Freedom and Socialism ", and with its basic and general principles, will make those who seek to defame its thought and  practice, will make them fail because the party always proved by its national thought and the strength of its militants of the great Arab  homeland throughout  the contemporary history its capability to continuously exist and renew itself, led the Arab masses movement and its struggle, embodying the Nation Immortal Message. The  party constitution is still alive, and renewable and capable of providing correct and convincing answers  to the questions that are posed to the new Arab generation.


On this occasion we assert that Syria supports any effort for solving the crisis  through a serious dialogue with the patriotic opposition forces which believe that the solving of the crisis is through the homeland gate and its Syrian compass, without dependence on  foreigners, and with going on fighting terrorism, imposing security  and stability and the state authority over the whole Syrian soils. Solving  the crisis will never be anything but a pure Syrian one, without conditions, dictations and external  interventions. Syria calls for the unification of the sincere efforts which want to accelerate the collective war on terrorism and its destructive thoughts.

We pledge to continue the march, promote the party performance and work until we reach at the aspired Arab society and achieve our Nation national objectives.

Greeting to the Baathists Militants in the Great Arab Homeland

Greetingto the Martyrs of our Great Party

Greetingto the Martyrs of the Arab Nation

Eternity to our Message


Damascus. 07.04.2016

National Leadership        

Baath Arab Socialist Party



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