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    National Party Organlzations 

In April every year, the Arab masses celebrate two important national occasions:  the Baath Founding and the French Colonialism Evacuation from Syria. These occasions formed an important and qualitative transformation in the course of our Nation struggle and in the national and patriotic struggle of the Syrian Arab People.

On the 7th of April 1947, the Baath Party was founded. Such founding was a start toward renewing the Nation life and restoring its civilized role as well as aiding the march oh human development because the Baath embodied the nation objectives, its aspirations and the Arab man inclination toward rebellion against his real situation and for changing it in such a way which is in harmony with the objectives of Unity, Freedom and Socialism.

On the 17th of April 1946 ,came the Evacuation Day, the National Day, the evacuation of the French colonialist forces from the Arab Syria, as the fruit of a long struggle waged by the people against the colonialist. Revolutions and resistance against the colonialist did not abate until achieving Syria's political independence which became the spring board toward the economical and social liberation and to enable the independent Syria continue her march on the road to the major Arab unity.

Two big and important events that had and still have their impact on the life of Syria and the Arab Nation. Both cannot be separated . The independence couldn't have taken place without the struggle and without the clarification of this struggle base into an ideology that guides the fighters. The founding represented the official declaration of the Baath Movement whose roots extend through the heritage of the Arab struggle against colonialism, occupation. The founding was also a call to the Arabs to struggle, bypass the division, backwardness and exploitation. The Baath objectives were the motor of all achievements in Syria and the Arab homeland.

The Baath performances were harmonious with its noble principles and the integration of its patriotic struggle with its national one. Its struggle contributions for Palestine and for the other Arab countries assert that truth. Its fighters made high sacrifices in defending the Arabism of Palestine, the Arab Nation causes and the support to the Resistance. Therefore, The conspiracy plans against Syria, the homeland of the Baath, continue. The last of which was the terrorist war which Syria is facing since more than five years.

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