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On the 17th of April this year, the masses of the people in the Syrian Arab Republic celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the French colonialist evacuation from the Arab Syria after a struggle that lasted more than twenty five years. The resistance began since the first moment the colonialist defiled  the homeland. The Patriotic revolutions continued. They were led by patriotic leaders who devoted their selves and souls to the homeland freedom: Yusuf Alazma, Sultan Basha  Alatrash, Sheikh Saleh Alali, Ibrahim Hanano, Hassan Alkharat, Fowzi Alkawekji, Ahmad Mreiwed, Mohammad Alashmar… and many others who taught  the colonialist tough lessons by struggle epics and sacrifices for the homeland until the 17th of April 1946 when our

Arab people crowned their struggle by their triumph over the colonialist and kicked their forces out of the home land soils.


This occasion has its significances and indications. Some of them :

1-The evacuation is a struggle, humanitarian and civilized great valueto be added to the noble values which the Syrian people settled and established throughout thousands of years. Therefore, the independence was a normal historical outcome of a group of civilized achievements by the Syrians throughout their long humanitarian march.

2-The evacuation, that was achieved, thanks to the martyrs bloods and noble ends, asserts that Arabism Syria shall overpass her present crisis and come out of it victorious and united as it did when she many time got out of the occupations nooses throughout the history. Occupations that tried to divide her into tiny states. But all their attempts failed. Syria did restore her unity and invulnerability after each occupation. Syria aborted all the colonialist conspiracies and plans that were designed for undermining her patriotic and national stands.

3-This occasion makes us more certain and more confident that steadfastness and resistance aborted the conspiracy against Syria, and the betting on bringing the state down has been rapidly failed, and each and every attempt in this concern will be gone up with smoke. Syria will continue the march of independence until liberating the last inch of the Golan, the liberation of the Palestinian land, the Palestinian people restore their right to their land, return to their homeland and establish their own independent state , with Jerusalem as its capita. Syria is going on to complete cleaning her soils for the dirt of terrorism and the armed terrorist groups.


The Baath expressed the masses aspirations toward building the new Arab future and in its slogans abbreviated our nation hopes and struggle objectives. It led the campaign against the colonialist French until the end without making peace. Its fighters were the first ones in the struggle and in sacrificing. The Party struggles were crowned with victory and the independence was achieved. It will always adhere to its stands, ready to give sacrifices for consolidating the freedom principles and for emphasizing the independence significances. Syria, seventy years ago achieved her independence, and she is now protecting her decision independence under the Leadership of the Comrade Regional Secretary of the Party, His Excellency President Bashar Assad whose determinations did not subside since the first moment he received his constitutional authorities until now. He is present all over the Syrian lands, serving his people and nation. He is certain that the independence means the elevation of the performance level for building the future. It also means the determination of defiance, insistence and persistence on achieving . No despair and no frustration. It also means that we devote most of our time for serving our homeland and nation, to cooperate and complete ourselves together.

Let the Independence be an occasion to concentrate our efforts to elevate the level of our performance and bear our responsibility in building our homeland and advance our society and nation in order to achieve  the renaissance Arab national project.

Greeting to the spirits of the Arab Nation martyrs.

Greeting to the souls of our brave army martyrs.

Greeting to our Syrian Arab Army , believing in the objectives of the Party and the masses.

Greeting to our steadfast people in the Golan which will soon be liberated and the independence be complete.

Greeting to the children of our Arab people in Syria and in the other Arab countries who resist all kinds of occupations and exploitation in order to achieve independence.

Eternity to our Message

Damascus, 17.04.2016                                 National Leadership

                            Baath Arab  Socialist Party                                      

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