• National Party Organlzations

    National Party Organlzations 

Union for the Republic (Mauretania) is a democratic center party of the masses. It was founded to accompany the will of change in Mauretania and be a political project, as long as Mauritania needs it. It gives special attention to the youth and women. It is leading the coalition of the governing majority in the country since2009.

Mr.  Esliko Wild Ahmad Ezid Bih is the leader of the party. He was elected by the recent exceptional Congress of the party on 5.03.2014.


It was found by the Parliament members who supported president Mohammad Wild Abdul Aziz when he was the leader of the presidential Guard, demanding to oust former president Sidi Mohammad Wild Alsheikh. The party was officially licensed on 31.03.2009.

Party Objectives:

The party seeks to achieve several objectives. Some of them are: the solidification of the country independence protecting its lands and national identity, deep rooting the concept of state and citizenship, implementing social justice, protecting and deep rooting democracy, improving the living and social circumstances of the marginalized and deprived groups, enhancing Mauretania status, contributing to the building of the Arab Maghreb, the Arab nation and the African Unity, achieving a just international system and international relations, based on protecting the people's rights and mutual respect.


The BASP- Union for the Republic Relations:

The two parties have good relations that are organized by a Cooperation Agreement between them, signed during the visit by the Union Delegation to Syria during the period from 21 and 23 March 2009.

A delegation from the BASP National Leadership, led by Comrade Alahmar, visited Mauretania during the period from 25.10 to 1.11.2009, and another delegation from the NL of the BASP, led by Comrade Alahmar, participated in the in the opening session of the first ordinary Congress of the Union party on 9.07.2010, and in a speech comrade Alahmar delivered before the congress, he pointed at the importance of the two parties relations and their role in strengthening and developing relations between the two brotherly parties and countries.

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