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The RCP was founded before the demise of the Soviet Union when an anti- perestroika policy group, from the members of the 28th congress of the Soviet Communist Party, founded the Communist Party in the Socialist Soviet federal Russia in June 1990.           

Some of members of that group were Ghenadi Zioganov and Valentin Kwitsof. By founding this party, a new Communist party emerged beside the Soviet Communist party.                            

After the coup d'état attempt in August 1991. Yeltsin issued a decree, banning both parties from practicing their activities. In November 1991, this banning was nullified by decree No.169. But the constitutional court, in its decision no. 9 dated 30 November 1992, exempted the possibility of rebuilding the party according to its old structure.                                                                     

In its Second Exceptional Congress, convened on 13 and 14 February 1993, the party announced the return of its activity under the name of the RCP as a … of the Soviet Communist party and the Communist party in the Socialist Soviet Federal Russia.               

Zioganov then became the party leader.

   The RCP convened its last 15th congress in Moscow on 23 and 24 February 2012 and elected administrative bodies and adopted more than ten decisions pertaining to the party aims and purposes on the internal and external levels. It reelected Zioganov for another term of four years.

The RCP Ideology:

The party ideology is a mixture of leftist, rightest, socialist, national and conservative ideas.

The Party International Policy:

The RCP calls for establishing just international relations, elevating the UN role, creating a multipolar world and minimizing NATO influence. It generally support the Arab just causes. It sees that solving the Palestinian issue begins by establishing the Palestine state, solving the water problem according to the international legitimacy and the pertinent UN resolutions. It supports the right of Syria and Lebanon to restore the occupied territories.                    

BASP and RCP Relations:

The relations between the two parties are old, solid and deep-rooted in 1997, a cooperation agreement between them was signed, and most of its items were implemented. It was renewed in 2008. Both parties are always keen to deepen their cooperation exchange experiences and visits as well as consultations about many issues. They both work together at international conferences and meetings and exchange views and consultations. They also participate in electing important events. The BASP sent a message to the RCP in which it highly appreciated the RCP stand side by side with Syria, as well as the Federal Russia stands against the conspiracies to which Syria is exposed. Comrade Alahmar visited Moscow on 30 July 2013 and met with Zioganov and discussed together deferent issues of common interests to their two parties, countries and friendly peoples.                                    

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