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    National Party Organlzations 

The working class and its Trade-union organizations in Syria and the Arab World along with the workers of the world share in reviving the Labor Day on the first of May, which holds this year many meanings and important indications, such as: It takes place under situations during which the trade-union movement  locally and on Arab level faces a significant qualitative turning point in its history which reflects itself on its development progress and status in the production process and on its life conditions and its position in the Arab society which is swept by the aggressive terrorist war machine in many Arab countries: " Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Egypt, etc". This aggressive terrorist war machine is supported by Arab and regional reactionary regimes and Western superpowers such as the United States, which is on top of these superpowers, as well as, the world Zionism and some Western countries allied with them, this led to the martyrdom of thousands of people in their workplaces, the siege of the workers and their families in some of the sites targeted by the Takfiri terrorism, high unemployment rate and the loss of thousands of jobs as a result of targeting the industrial cities and economic sectors, which was damaged by terrorist acts.

 This serious challenge, faced by the Arab working class and its trade-union organizations, involves bitter repercussions, the least of them is unemployment exacerbation, poverty growing, social marginalization and undermining the capabilities of the Arab countries, making them a hostage in the hands of the aggressors and determining their destiny and future. This must be faced through forming an international- Arab trade union front that guarantees confronting these challenges, working on developing the trade union movement structure and expanding its frameworks and social alliances, finding work forms that commensurate with the status of steadfastness and confrontation, creating a unified Arab Labor and trade union strategy and creating reasons for its success through thorough studies of our problems and pains. And lastly, working on grassroots and leadership education for the trade-union organization.

Dear comrades,

Despite all difficult and complicated circumstances, our institutions which were not hit by terrorism keep on working. This indicates that our working class and its trade-union organization have not and will not acquiesce to the will of those who want them to stop, breakdown and fail, because our working class derives its strength from the bravery of the Syrian Arab Army, the steadfastness of the workers and the blood of the martyrs in facing this devastating war. It will remain the workers' voice which expresses their concerns. And the bestowal, sacrifices and labor struggle march will remain going on, and will not stop, in order to preserve the accomplished  achievements and enhance the national economy steadfastness and protect it in facing the crisis.

The Labor Day is an occasion to become distinguished by wakefulness and awareness of the schemes plotted against the Arab nation and  targeted its existence, present and future. It is an opportunity to talk about the great missions that will tackle the reality of Arab workers wherever they are, protect them, preserve their rights, combat any damage to their interests and trade union organizations, work to solve the problems of Arab working women and struggle for them to get all their rights, strengthen the trade-union unity of workers and promote solidarity among them.

Dear comrades,

Since its foundation, the Baath Arab Socialist Party has given the working class a significant attention in appreciation its august role in carrying the party message and struggling to achieve the Masses objectives. Therefore, the Baath emphasized that the Mass democratic identity of the Party is a socialist movement oriented towards the toiling masses, first and foremost the working class and its allies of peasants, craftsmen and small Earners. Moreover, it reconfirmed the importance of the working class as a standby for the Arab Syrian Army in strengthening  the homeland steadfastness; promoting the development, increasing production and reconstruction march; contributing in consolidating the state institutions, reconstruction and building the renewable and powerful Syria through the hands of workers and the national experiences in cooperation with the countries that have stood by Syria since more than five years and strengthening the national unity and Syria's steadfastness in facing internal and external challenges, particularly terrorism and the Zionist entity until liberating the occupied land and restore all Arab rights.

Dear comrades,

The first of May is an occasion to immortalize the martyrs of Syria from the working class and all people categories in order to build their country.. As we salute our working class and its organization, we stress going on to work until we achieve our objectives, restore our rights, liberate our occupied territories and get out of the current crisis through cohesion, patience, cooperation and constructive dialogue among the spectra of the society for the good of the nation and defeating the terrorists and aggressors.

Long live the struggle of our nation for liberation, progress and unity

Long live our working class for building and reconstruction

Glory and Eternity to Our Martyrs

Eternity to our Message

Damascus, 1st May 2016

                                                                          National Leadership

Baath Arab Socialist Party


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