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On the sixth of May, our  people Masses and armed forces celebrate the Day of Martyrs, who sacrificed their blood for the sake of their countries liberation and independence throughout the stages of Arab people's struggle history which was full of immortal heroic epics. On this day a century ago, the bloodthirsty Ottoman terrorist Jamal Pasha executed the first convoy of martyrs of the Arab independence in Beirut and Damascus. Thus, this day became the day of martyrs and martyrdom.  Afterwards, the convoys of martyrs went on as the resistance against the French occupation went on until obtaining the independence. Then the Zionist occupiers were confronted in honorable struggle sites and in October Liberation War which was a qualitative shift in the course of our struggle that aimed at liberating the occupied Arab land and restore the usurped rights of our nation. Therefore, our people and brave army are sacrificing lots of martyrs against terrorism and takfiri project which is supported by the new Ottoman Erdogan and Arab reactionary regimes which aim at undermining Syria's national stands and to serve the Zio-American project in the region.

Dear comrades,

The Baath Revolution did not only made the foundation for the present and the future, it also sought to resurrect the illuminating stations in our Arab history, particularly the sacrifice and martyrdom. Therefore, martyrdom and martyrs in Syria have the attention and respect of our Party and Leadership that give them the priority, take care of martyrs' families and honor them  and make sure to keep martyrdom a bright human value for generations, as martyrdom in the thought of the immortal leader Hafez al-Assad was the value of values and the conscience of consciences and he made important headlines for it in our struggle life which are still going on  in the time of Comrade Regional Secretary of the Party His Excellency Mr. President Bashar al-Assad, who confirms the Symbolism of this occasion which is represented by " Martyrdom Message" which is the noblest message carried by man because he believes in it and for defending the land and honor, as his faith in this message is, first, the faith in God, and second, in the inevitability of victory.

Martyrdom is also considered by the Baath approach as the highest level of human values, because it is the spiritual nutrition of the nation that believe in its existence and immortal humanity constants. Martyrs are the real heroes who draw the most perfect and gorgeous face of their nation as they bring back the radiations of civilization values and the meanings of dignified free life to it. They are alive in the conscience of the nation generations and its revolutionary history. The blood they sacrifice in defending their homelands is the weapon which returns to the nation its shining and most bright face and always confirms the nation struggle identity which is well known throughout history and generations.

Dear comrades,

The sixth of May is an occasion on which we remember our martyrs who sacrificed their souls in defending their homeland, resisted and did good performance, they granted and were generous, their blood produced independence and high honor and they elevated high up to safeguard the dignity of the people and nation, thus they became the ideal for generations on the way of struggle, confronting challenges and carrying the value system of redemption, sacrifice and loyalty and they were honest with themselves when they answered the call of the homeland and they raced to do their duty in defending its honor.

Moreover, the Martyrs Day is an occasion to generalize the culture of resistance, the values of martyrdom and martyrs and their greatness and the loyalty to them and to their approach, as well as, it is an occasion to instill confidence in the Arab fighter who defends his homeland and honor away from frustration and despair which the hostile Arabic-speaking media, with all its rudeness and lack of commitment to any Charter of media honor and professionalism, is trying to spread out in the hearts of the Arab people and the Arab fighter who is facing terrorism and the Zionist enemy and their project in the region.

In the martyrs' memory, we are inspired by the meanings of sacrifice and redemption to proceed our struggle march in order to achieve new victories in the context of our national struggle and to free all the Syrian land from the filth of terrorism and terrorists, as well as, to liberate the Syrian Arab Golan and the rest of our occupied Arab lands and restore our usurped  rights.  We pledge to represent the martyrs values and to follow their approach of sacrifice for our homeland that we love its pure soil.

Greeting to the souls of our devoted martyrs who watered the pure soil of our dear homeland by their blood

Greeting to the martyrs families and  a quick recovery to the brave Syrian Arab Army wounded.

Immortality and glory to our devoted martyrs, the most generous in this world and the noblest of mankind

Eternity to Our Message

Damascus 6 May 2016

                                                                         National Leadership

Baath Arab Socialist Party


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