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The Arab masses and the world liberals celebrate on May 15th the 68th Anniversary of the usurpation of Palestine, in order to emphasize the legitimate right of the Palestinian people to return to their homeland and establish their national independent state, with the holy Jerusalem as its capital. Simultaneously with this Anniversary, the Zionists celebrate the creation of their usurping entity, backed by world colonialism, on the historic Palestine land, after destroying more than 500 Palestinian cities and towns and perpetrating about 50 massacres which killed about 30000 people and expelled 840000 people, confiscating their lands and made them refugees in and outside Palestine.

The 68th Anniversary comes this time while the Palestinian cause is at its worst phase. It is no longer the Arab central cause. The Arab and Islamic summit conferences issues shy resolutions, condemning the practices of the Zionist occupation and continuous aggression against the Arab Palestinian people, while there are continuous wars and crises, as well as terrorism epidemic that is spreading in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia, Egypt and Algeria.

The Anniversary also comes at a time while the Zionist settling activity is increased in the Palestinian lands, including Jerusalem. The Zionist settlers and extremist Jews repeatedly break through the Aqsa Mosque, backed by the Zionist occupation forces, targeting the praying people. They continue excavation works under the Mosque in order to make it a Jewish place and build the “so called” Solomon Temple over its debris, amongst an international silence and a deteriorated painful situation.

At the same time, the relations between the Zionist entity and the oil Sheikhdoms, particularly Saudi Arabia and Qatar, are being considerably developed, they even talk about exchanging diplomatic missions and to make their relations public. Things even reached the limit of backing and financing the election campaign of the Zionist enemy government Benjamin Netanyahu by the Saudi King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz, and there is a condense Saudi-Zionist coordination for reaching a form of guardianship on the Palestinian people, by Qatari-Turkish support under a banner of the “Arab Peace Initiative”, according to disclosure by “Panama Papers”.


Our party was the first one to realize the dangers which target the Arab Nation through targeting the Arab Palestinian people before the catastrophe of 1948.  Our party since, its foundation, took the mission of confronting the colonialist conspiracy against the Arab Palestine and it warns of its dangers on the Arab whole existence. It made the Palestinian cause the hub of its persistent struggle and the central cause of the Arab whole struggle. This was shown in by its strong sincere national stands that were expressed by its principles and literature. It supported the Palestinian people and denounced the Arabs who carelessly dealt with the dangers at that time and demanded the Arab people to bring into account.

The Baath opposed Balfour Declaration and faced the colonialist and imperialist which patronized the Zionist presence in the Arab Palestine. The Baath opposition was expressed by its letter, sent to the American commissioner minister in Damascus, denouncing the American president statement at that time concerning the Zionist immigration to Palestine. It rejected the partition Resolution in 1947, emphasizing that the road of struggle and resistance is the only way to save Palestine.


The 68th Anniversary of the usurpation is an occasion for us to be inspired by the past in order to look up to the future. Because our history is full of national symbols that illuminate the road for the posterity and fill the nation spirit with confidence which activates it to give more effort, determination and capability of making history and posses the rein of initiative and make this decisive period of our Arab Nation an actuation which raises up its present and future generation and illuminates their roads to victory in their struggle to liberate the land and man from the occupation and write new pages in the nation history entitled “ Resistance and Liberation”.

Today, we are demanded to:

  1. To strongly defend the Arab homeland, its territorial integrity, stability and advancement for facing the Zionist occupation, the takfiri terrorism and the Zio-American project that want to divide the homeland in order to serve the Zionist entity interest, its settlist project and transform the Arab countries into disabled failing countries.
  2. To make the Palestinian cause and the holy Jerusalem a frame that unify all the Arabs forces, movements, parties and organizations in order to protect our nation from falling in the trap of sectarianism, which is laid on their way by the Zionist enemy and its allies.
  3. To stand side by side with the Palestinian people, support the Palestinian refugees right to return to their land establish their own independent state on the land of Palestine, with Jerusalem as its capital, according to the UN Resolution 194, and not to abandon such right, and to disclose the dangerous attempts by the enemy, in collaboration with some reactionary Arab regimes and Western countries in order to pluck the Palestinians out of the countries of refuge and send them to other countries, giving them new nationalities and erase the “ Right of Return” .
  4. To maintain the option of all forms of resistance in confronting the Zionist enemy and liberate the whole Palestine from the last colonialist force in the 21st century.
  5. To take all legal measures and follow them up at the world international parties and bodies that guarantee bringing into accounting and trying the Zionist leader who committed war crimes against the Palestinian people since 1948 until this day.

Victory to the Cause of Our Arab People in Palestine.

Glory to the Arab Nation Martyrs who sacrificed their pure soils for Supporting the Palestinian Cause

Eternity to our Message

Damascus, 15 May 2016

                                                                               NL Leadership    

Baath Arab Socialist Party

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