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In the Sixty-Eighth Anniversary of Palestine Usurpation

The Palestinian Cause Will Remain the Central Cause of the Baath and Arabism Syria

After 68 years of Palestine usurpation, the Arabs could not set alternative options that are capable of defeating the Zionist colonial project, in spite of the huge Human and economic potentials of the Arab Nation and the importance, sanctity and dignity of Palestine for the Arab and Islamic Nation. Therefore, it is very important to stress the struggle role of the Baath throughout the past seven decades up till now to defend Palestine Arabism. This role was reinforced after the crimes of "Sykes-Picot" and " Balfour Declaration" which anchored the bases of the usurpation. Moreover, this role warned of the dangers of the Zionist projects that aim at resettling the Palestinian refugees in the countries they were displaced to, dissolving the Palestinian identity and abolishing the Right of Return, approved by the International Legitimacy.

Palestine is the central cause of the Baath, as since its first foundation, it has always called to wage the war for Palestine as it is linked to the Arab  national battle against colonization. Therefore, the Baath was the first Movement that linked between the Palestinian cause and its national dimension, as well as, its strugglers fought the Zionist gangs on Palestine Land in 1948.

In this context, we recall the "Salvation Army" led by the struggler, Fawzi al-Qawuqji, who went ahead from Damascus to the battlefields in Palestine to face the Zionist "Stern" and "Argonne" gangs and, together with his militant comrades, fell a martyr for defending the homeland and for liberating Palestine. We also recall the Glory pages written by the " Baath Statements" to awaken the Masses and mobilize them.

Syria's aware and responsible standing by the Palestinian cause and her support to the Resistance against the Zionist occupation of the Arab land, explain the atrocity of the colonial imperialist conspiracy and the cosmic unjust war imposed on Syria for more than five years, in coordination and cooperation with spineless Arab regimes that seek to maintain their worn out thrones, extend the occupation life and deplete the Arab power.

Here is Arabism Syria, with her steadfast people, army and leadership going ahead in her resistant approach, maintaining national invariables, exerting efforts and giving sacrifices in order to defeat the plot that aims at perpetuating the Zionist occupation and making it dominate the Arab region to protect the colonial interests. The Palestinian cause, as confirmed by the Comrade Regional Secretary of the Baath, His Excellency Bashar al-Assad, will remain the central cause, based on the principles and reality and on the correlation between the events that are going on in Syria and in Palestine, that such reality imposes.  

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