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The Same As We Have Liberated Palmyra We Will Liberate Every Inch of Syria, We Have No Other choice But Victory

With her people, army and leadership, Syria has proved that she is more powerful than the policies of aggression, terrorism, containment and isolation and that her sovereignty and the dignity of her people are above everything else, as Syria does not  abandon her principles or compromise her rights and firm national positions. Syria has always confirmed that dialogue among her people without any foreign interventions is the solution of her crisis and perhaps the expanding range of national reconciliation, which included most of her regions, is an important indicator of this.

In his speech before the People's Assembly, Comrade Regional Secretary of the Party His Excellency President Bashar al-Assad confirmed that the more the pressures increase, the more the people adhere to their independence and whenever others try to intervene in their affairs, the people prove their determination to adhere to the constitution and its entitlements as a protector of independence and stability.

Mr. President affirmed that we have no choice but victory, otherwise Syria will not survive and our children will have neither present nor future. The war against terrorism is going on until uprooting it and the same as we have liberated Palmyra and many other regions, we will liberate every inch of Syria from the hands of terrorists.

His Excellency reviewed  the reality of the current international conflicts that are clearly reflected on the political process taking place in Geneva and explained that it is no longer a secret that the core of the political process for the countries that support terrorism regionally and internationally aim since the beginning at undermining its essence, which is the constitution , as well as, eliminating the two fundamental pillars of any state: The first is the institutions, particularly the army which protects the country. The second is the diverse national, Pan-Arab and religious identity of Syria which is the basis of the homeland Steadfastness.

The reference of Mr. President to the failure of the political terrorism scheme and its attempts to undermine the constitution, as well as the failure of the economic terrorism through sanctions and pressure on the Syrian Lira, is a clear indication of the seriousness of what is being plotted against Syria through creating absolute chaos, which has no way out but through an ethnic sectarian constitution that transforms us from a people that adheres to its homeland into fighting groups that cling to their denominations and appeal for help from strangers against their family and brothers. Not to mention the collapse of the economy and subjugating the people, but how impossible! Because Syria, as asserted by His Excellency: “has not and will not allow them to drag her into this road which let her fall in the abyss” .

Syria has put forward a paper of principles in Geneva negotiations 3. This paper forms the basis of the negotiations' success and whose chief elements are emphasizing Syria's sovereignty and its unity, rejecting  foreign interventions, ostracizing terrorism, supporting the reconciliations, preserving the institutions, lifting the blockade, reconstruction and border control. Mr. President, confirms that Syria will not agree on any proposals other than these principles.


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