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On the tenth Anniversary of the Lebanese National Resistance victory over the Zionist enemy, the children of the Arab nation, its freemen and live forces stand up with glory, pride and honor, in salutation and appreciation for the Resistance that promised its people to triumph and it triumphed, promised the martyrs to defeat the aggression and it defeated it and promised to release the prisoners, and freed the majority of them.

This Anniversary comes while Syria is waging her battle against terrorism, takfiri and mercenaries forces, as she is loyal to her national invariables of standing by the Resistance. Syria has not and will not abandon the Resistance and she is keeping her promise to  remain committed to support it to achieve its goals of  victory and liberation. The Resistance has become a daily culture experienced by the Arab people and proved the importance of the Arab political will. There is no doubt that the engagement of the Lebanese Resistance in the current Syrian war against terrorism is an act of faithfulness to the resistant Syria and her invariable national positions.

Comrade Regional Secretary of the Party, His Excellency Mr. President Bashar al-Assad confirmed the importance of July 2006 Victory when he said: " The greatest achievement of the Resistance is that it was a national response to the defeatist

proposals.. and what made it greater is the response of the Arab people, in general, whose answer came purely as an Arab response ".

As we salute the Masses of the Arab people in Palestine and all the strugglers, who are facing the Zionist occupation and the takfiri terrorism and mercenaries forces, along our great Arab world, we affirm the adherence of  Syria and the Baath Arab Socialist Party to the national invariables of the Arab struggle, to promoting the Resistance culture in confronting the occupation and to strengthening cooperation with the forces that are pursuing the Resistance approach in order to meet the challenges that are facing our nation in its presence and future, in the context of a national vision that ensures the full restoration of all the usurped Arab rights and liberating the land and people from the filth of terrorism and terrorists.

The Resistance approach will remain a great added value to the achievements of our fathers and grandfathers in Yarmouk, Maisalon, October and Attrition War, Mount Hermon, Palmyra and Aleppo, especially that this approach has changed lots of equations and brought down lots of delusions of the Zionist entity leaders and the western and American think tanks.

The Anniversary of the Resistance victory in July will remain a torch of hope that lights the paths of struggle for the generations and writes the history of pride and dignity, so that victory will always be the title of the justice of our cause and the whole meanings of heroism.

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