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The twenty-first of August is the forty-seventh Anniversary of burning Alaqsa Mosque, amid continued Zionist aggression against the Palestinian people through raids on Gaza Strip, the Bank and all over Palestine, as well as house demolition and displacing people as an attempt to end the Palestinian Arab presence.

This Anniversary comes during a time in which al-Aqsa Mosque is suffering different kinds of burning: Incursions, excavations, clerics arrest, preventing the people of Jerusalem from praying in the Mosque, in addition to practical steps to divide and Judaize al-Aqsa amid a deafening silence on the crimes against it.

This Anniversary also comes during a time in which many Arab countries are set on blazing fires, as what is taking place in Palestine is the same scheme which is targeting Syria, with all its cities, towns and villages, and targeting Iraq, Libya, Yemen, etc.., because not only are the systematic Zionist attacks aiming at the Arab Islamic and Christian sacred sites in Palestine, but they are also targeting the sacred sites, the human being and place in more than one Arab country through the Neo-Zionists who are practicing terrorism, killing and destruction in those countries as they are both two sides of the same coin  and the  Zionism is the only and biggest gainer of what is taking place in the region.

Incendiarism al-Aqsa Mosque is not only a passing event, as it comes within the context of a racist culture pursued by the Zionist enemy which does not want the Palestinian people to survive. Unity is required in order to achieve the Palestinian people aspirations, strengthen their steadfastness against the occupation schemes and taking a stronger Arab, Islamic and international position to end the illegal occupation of the Palestinian territories and establish the Palestinian State over the  whole land of Palestine, with Jerusalem as its capital.

Moreover, it is necessary to adopt a humanitarian, national and patriotic approach that depends on the Resistance to defend the Arab existence, sovereignty and dignity. The steadfastness and victory in Syria always renew the hope to liberate Jerusalem and the whole of Palestine. Syria will always stand side by side with Palestine and express the Nation aspirations until achieving its noble objectives.

Greeting to our steadfast people in Palestine who defend the sacred places, land and human being, despite suppression, arrests, expulsion and deportation  they are daily suffering from.

Greeting to the Syrian Arab Army that defends the nation in the face of Neo-Zionists.

Greeting to all the fighters for al-Aqsa, because he who defends Jerusalem and al-Aqsa defends Arabism capital Damascus and honorable national stands.

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