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On Saturday evening of 17/9/2016, the American alliance fighter planes bombarded one of the Syrian Arab Army sites in Mount Therdh in the vicinity of Deir al-Zour military airport. The bombardment led to loss of lives and munitions and apparently paved the way for the ISIS terrorists to attack the site.

This dangerous aggression confirms the US and its allies support to ISIS and other armed terrorist groups and their collusion with them, as they form the military wing of the US in conspiring against the peoples of the region, in general, and the Syrian people, in particular, despite the false American declarations about fighting terrorism. This aggression also serves the American efforts to prolong the war on Syria, abort  the recent Russian-American agreement about Syria and benefit from the wasted time before the coming American presidential elections.

The American aggression on Deir al-Zour was not the first. The US and its allies had previously attacked many facilities and infrastructures in Syria. Therefore, the American allegation, that the aggression was just an inadvertent error, is ridiculous. In his interview with the "Associated Press", His Excellency President Bashar al-Assad stressed that the alliance attack on the Syrian Arab Army in Deir al-Zour was deliberate, pointing out that what was said by the American officials about the conflict in Syria has no credibility and that everything they say is mere lies. He indicated that the USA does not have the will to work against the two organizations al-Nousra Front and ISIS, because it considers these terrorist groups a tool to achieve its agenda. He also explained that the US is not willing to join Russia in fighting terrorists in Syria.

This aggression comes after a series of defeats that the terrorist organizations suffered on various fronts and because of the consecutive victories of the Syrian Arab Army. The US is deliberately blocking the international efforts that aim at finding a political solution. It wants to prevent Syria from investing its victories politically and to give the terrorists more opportunities to reassemble their collapsing forces and escalate their terrorism.

Syria, which defeated all conspiracies throughout its history and aborted all the American attempts and its aggressive objectives, has now defeated the recent aggressive American effort when the Syrian Arab Army restored its control over the regions that were lost due to the recent aggression. Syria will keep on accomplishing its national missions in fighting terrorism in order to restore security and stability to the territories of the Syrian Arab Republic.

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