Everyone knows the injustice that affected the Arabs, in general, and the Palestinian people, in particular, due to the UN Resolutions that led to dividing Palestine and establishing the Zionist entity as an interpretation to Balfour Declaration and the European American colonial strategy. It is also well known to everyone that most UN Resolutions and its institutions associated with the Arab-Israeli conflict have not been implemented due to the United States Veto that enabled the Zionist entity to discard these resolutions and oppose the international organization and the world, refusing to implement any international resolution that participates in restoring the right to its owners, such as Resolution No.194 related to the Right of Return and other resolutions: 242, 338,… etc.

The UN and its institutions let down the Palestinian people inside Palestine during the past 68 years and they let down the Arab people in Golan and south Lebanon throughout the past five decades. Although the Palestinian people have the right to defend and return to their land and restore it by all means, the dominance of Washington made many UN Resolutions mere paper and ink. This is what we are afraid of concerning the UNESCO resolutions with regard to Al-Aqsa Mosque .

It is fair to point out that the UNESCO Resolution has an importance that should not be denied as it confirms previous resolutions that considered Al-Aqsa Mosque , including, Al-Boraq Wall, an absolute Islamic Wakf (endowment) and absolutely denies the false historical biblical narrative that the Zionist entity tries to circulate ( This land is a Jewish land that includes the Temple of Solomon and the Wailing Wall). The UNESCO Resolution also condemns the Judaization and settlement processes taking place in Al-Haram Al-Sharif and calls to return to the historical situation as it was until September 2000.

This Resolution is important because it uses Arab-Islamic names for Al-Aqsa Mosque, Al-Haram Al-Sharif and Al-Boraq Wall, instead of using  the Zionism terms such as Temple Mount and the Wailing Wall. It is also important because it caused a state of anger in the Zionist entity and the West, first ant foremost, the United States. In addition, this Resolution has a legal importance and can be used in the legal battle in the international forums.

Despite the importance of the UNESCO Resolution, the Resistance remains the most effective option to liberate Al-Aqsa, Palestine, Al-Golan and every inch of the Arab Land occupied by the Zionists and the extremist terrorist groups in Syria, Iraq, Libya, etc. and frustrate the Zio-American project in the region.