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The Forty-Third Anniversary of the October Liberation War this year comes during a time in which Syria is fighting her honorable war on behalf of the Arab Nation against the takfiri terrorist groups that are working to fulfill the colonial Zionist western plan that aims at controlling the Arab homeland and its treasures and capabilities, as well as targeting Arabism Syria and her steadfast people, brave army, resistant leadership and the national role of Syria in order to neutralize her away from the confrontation path against the Zionist enemy and liquidate the Palestinian cause.

This Anniversary is very important because it comes during a stage in which the American threats, that aim at frustrating the understandings with Russia, are increasing in an attempt to rescue the terrorist organizations supported by America under the name of "Moderate Opposition". This Anniversary also comes at a time during which the Zionist-American aggression is escalating against Syria and its brave army. This aggression conspires with the terrorist groups (ISIS and al-Nosar) and other armed organizations which form a military arm to this aggression against the people of the region, in general, and the Syrian Arab people, in particular,  to prolong the war against Syria and frustrate the recent American-Russian agreement about Syria, and exploit the wasted time before the coming American presidential elections.

Dear Comrades,

Syria, which frustrated all plots against her and against the Arab Nation, has always been a stumbling block in the face of the aggressive plans. Syria is capable of defeating all the conspiracies and is keeping on her struggle with a belief that her people, in particular, and the Arab Nation, in general, throughout the Arab land,  believe in their history and victories over injustice and aggression throughout history. This will enable Syria to pass the dangers of division and defeat the aggressors with more ability to withstand and with more coherence and insistence to keep Syria –the Baath homeland – an indomitable castle proud of her national and patriotic stands and steadfast with her people, strong with her army and the Arab masses and national progressive forces that back her until achieving the national renaissance project which restores to our nation the unity of its rows and its ability to direct its capabilities and keeping its dignity away from foreign hegemony.

The Baath and Syria will remain adhering to the national invariables of the Arab struggle until restoring all the usurped Arab rights and liberating the land and people from the filth of the Zionist occupation, terrorism and terrorists.

Dear Comrades,

The October Liberation War is an occasion to glorify the sacrifices of our brave Syrian Arab Army that fought in the October Liberation War to defend the homeland and the dignity of the nation children, made immortal epics against the Zionist enemy and achieved wonderful victories, is today fighting in the battle of honor against the mightiest aggression known to Syria through her old and modern history, the aggression of the takfiri terrorist organizations, supported by the imperialist west forces and the International Zionism.

This Anniversary is an occasion to close ranks and coming together, as well as an occasion for the Masses to back and stand by their brave army and courageous leadership in order to defeat the aggression and restore the glories of the October Liberation War with a determination that does not give up until liberating the final inch of our land from the filth of the takfiri terrorism and restoring security and stability to Syria.

The October Liberation War will remain the luminous flame on the path of our struggle. The Resistance approach will remain a great added value to the achievements of the fathers and grandfathers in Yarmouk, Maysaloon, October, Attrition and Mount Hermon, as it is the way to achieve victory that has always been the title of our cause justice and the meanings of heroism and sacrifice.

Dear Comrades,

During the years of aggression, Syria with her people, army and leadership proved that she is bigger and stronger than the policies of aggression, terrorism, containment and isolation. She proved that her sovereignty and  her people`s dignity are above all considerations. She does not give up or compromises her rights and invariable national stands. She always emphasizes that the solution to her crisis is through dialogue among her people without foreign interventions and through expanding the national reconciliations that included most of her land. Syria and her steadfast people have no option but victory. This was confirmed by the Regional Secretary of the Baath, His Excellency President Bashar al-Assad,  saying: "Otherwise, Syria will not exist and her people will have no present or future."

We have great confidence in our brave army who fought honor and dignity battles in the October Liberation War and is today fighting decisive battles against the takfiri terrorism. This increases our certainty of victory through defeating terrorism and its supporters and through the standing of the steadfast Syrian people by their army and leadership.

A greeting of appreciation and admiration to the brave Syrian Arab Army martyrs and Syria martyrs who sacrificed all that is precious for the sublimity of their country and its dignity and for maintaining the unity of its land and people.

Long live the struggle of our Arab Nation for liberation, progress and unity.

Glory and immortality to the devoted martyrs of our Party and nation.

   National Leadership

Baath Arab Socialist Party  



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