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On the 2nd of November 2016 comes the 99th Anniversary of the ill-omened Balfour Declaration, according to which Britain Foreign Minister Arthur  Balfour granted the Jews, dispersed in the world, a “right” to establish their own national homeland in Palestine, on the basis of a false predicament: “A land without people, to people without a land”. After that the Palestinian people became the victim of colonialist conspiracies and World Zionism avarices.

Moreover, the 69th Anniversary of  the Division Resolution comes on 29/11/2016. This Resolution was issued by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1947 under number /181/. It recommended the division of  the land of Palestine into two states, one for the Arabs and one for the Jews. Jerusalem and Bethlehem will stay under international trusteeship.

These two painful anniversaries come at a time while the Palestinian cause is undergoing extremely dangerous developments. The Zionist occupation forces are continuing their siege, aggression and settlement expansion plans in an attempt to undermine the steadfastness and resistance will of the Palestinian people, and the failure of the International Community in finding a final solution for the oldest conflict in the modern Arab history.

These two occasions also coincide with an international campaign, to revive the hundredth Anniversary of  Balfour Declaration, which was formed three years ago from student and youth groups and institutions from Palestine and from inside and outside Palestine in order to exert pressure on Britain and demand it to apologize for Balfour Declaration and correct the historic injustice done to our Palestinian people.      


On the occasions of Balfour Declaration and the Division Resolution Anniversaries, the BASP NL confirms the following:

1- Up to this moment, the implications of Balfour Declaration are still causing suffering  to the Palestinian , in particular, and to the Arabs, in general. Starting from the occupation of the Palestinian  land and displacing the Palestinians and  practicing terrorism, killing and destruction, as well as confiscating their right to self-determination. Balfour Declaration brought about killing and injuries to hundreds of thousands and displaced millions of the Palestinian Arab people in the four directions of the earth.

2- Balfour Declaration lacks any moral or legal grounds. Britain bears all responsibility for its consequences and results, such as: The suffering and displacement of the Palestinian people and the racial discrimination policy against the Palestinian people inside Palestine due to the Zionist occupation authorities practices.

3- Supporting the international campaign to revive the hundredth Anniversary of  Balfour Declaration, the necessity to mobilize the Arab Masses and unify their efforts in coordination with the international forces, movements and events in order to participate effectively and widely in the protests, marches and gatherings which start on this Anniversary to exert pressure on the United Kingdom to apologize for Balfour Declaration and admits its responsibility for the damages caused to the Palestinian people due to this ill-omened declaration.

4- Apology is not enough, as the Palestinian people must get all their rights, first and foremost, the Right of Return.

5-  Activating the cultural political movement through organizing conferences, seminars, and Arab and international events, as well as receiving experts, jurists, parliamentarians and intellectuals as guests to develop a unified strategy and vision -on Arab and international levels- which can pave the way for establishing a Movement that calls for lifting the injustice and  the occupation repression caused by the historic mistake of  Balfour Declaration which took part in planting a strange and alien entity in Palestine, in the heart of the Arab Land and Islamic World.

6- The 99th Anniversary of  Balfour Declaration did not and will not extinguish the flame of Resistance which will remain ardent until liberating the land from the Zionist Occupation. It will not weaken the attachment of the Palestinian people to their land and their adherence to their rights. The Resistance against colonialism and the Zionist occupation,  with all means and forms, is a legitimate right guaranteed by international laws and legislations as long as it aims at getting independence. The Resistance will keep on until erasing the effects of Balfour Declaration crime and liberating the whole of the Palestinian soil.

7- The Division Resolution No. 181, which comes on 29/11/2016, is established also by Britain through Peel Commission in August 1936. This Resolution called for terminating the Mandate and dividing Palestine into two states , one for the Arabs and one for the Jews, whereas Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Nazareth remain under the British Mandate. The Resolution is unacceptable and void because it is illegal and contradicts all provisions of  the International Law.

8- The political and struggle unity of the Palestinian people in their efforts to end the division and the Zionist occupation and establish the Palestinian people own independent state on their land.  

9- Syria stands firmly with conscious responsibility by the Palestinian cause and supports the Palestinian people right of self-determination to establish their own independent state on their own whole national soil, with the holy Jerusalem as its capital and guaranteeing the refugees right to return to their homes.


The Palestinian cause will remain – as confirmed by the Regional Secretary of the Party, His Excellency Mr. President Bashar al-Assad –  the central cause, depending on the principles and reality and the correlation - imposed by this reality- between what is taking place in Syria and what is happening in Palestine.

Syria's resistance against the conspiracy and overcoming it. She will remain a support , a communication with the Resistance against the Zionist occupation and defeating it, liberating al-Aqsa, Palestine, Golan and every inch of the Arab land, occupied  by the Zionists and the terrorist extremist groups in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, etc and frustrating the Zio-American project in the region.

Greeting to the proud Palestine

Glory to the Martyrs of the Arab Nation

Immortality to our Message

                                                                 Damascus 2/11/2016

                                                                  National Leadership

Baath Arab Socialist Party





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